OptiMate/AccuMate Cigar Plug Lead (TM72)


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This special accessory plug lead for use with AccuMates and OptiMate III allows connection to standard car cigarette lighter sockets and also small accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Triumph & Honda motorcycles by removing the detachable red sleeve. It also fits the matching accessory plug socket.

It allows easy connection of an AccuMate (or OptiMate III) to a car’s cigarette lighter socket or a motorcycle’s accessory socket. It is of particular use for any other vehicles where use of the standard fused permanent lead is not practical for any reason. Note – before ordering, please check that your cigarette lighter is live when the ignition is OFF. The accessory plug lead is wired for NEGATIVE EARTH vehicles – if you have a positive earth vehicle, it is necessary to rewire the plug accordingly – this is a simple job as screw terminals are used.


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