Budget Black Car Reveal, Handover or Storage cover (M)


  • Car reveal cover
  • Black – silver also available
  • Smooth polyester silk fabric
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Do you need a black silky reveal cover for your dealerships new car launch, customer handover or car storage business, or for personal storage / workshop dust protection needs. Maybe you’re a detailer who wants to keep a completed car covered before the customer collects it ?

This is what you need ! Black (silver also available).

The slick, smooth under surface, which wont scratch even the softest new paints, easily slips off to reveal the gleaming car underneath. The covers are dust proof, machine washable and light. Gravity will keep them on the car.

If you have a tight garage it’s also a great throw over cover.

Designed to fit standard 4 door saloons and sports cars, dimensions of the cover are 6.1m long x 4.35m wide. Should fit cars of approx. 430 x 165 x 120cm (Length, width, height)

Supplied in drawstring bag of the same fabric.

Note: creases in pictures will drop out easily.

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