Dehumidifier Drain Hose (per metre) for Meaco DD8L/DD8L Junior


Meaco dehumidifier Drain Hose – by the metre

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To enable the permanent drain feature on all Meaco dehumidifiers, you need to affix plastic hose to a point inside the machine, where the drain tank is. This diverts the water down the hose rather than into the tank. It takes only a few seconds to do. You can then run the hose into a sink, drain or outside through the wall or under a door.

Bear in mind the dehumidifier output is not pumped, so relies on gravity. You need therefore to generate a fall on the hose and allow sufficient length to do so.

This is the correct hose, sold by the metre.

8mm inside diameter/11mm outside diameter drain hose for the above Meaco Dehumidifiers, sold per metre.

Please add multiple items into your basket for the required number of metres. This will be supplied as a single length.


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