Safe Washing Kit


Our New kit comprises:

  • Big 5 US Gallon capacity tough plastic bucket with steel handle and comfort grip
  • Grit Guard insert to fit
  • Race Glaze Safe Waffle Wash Sponge
  • Race Glaze Aqua Bathe 250ml – high foaming ph neutral shampoo which leaves a fine layer of carnauba to top up your shine, c. 12 -14 washes
  • Race Glaze OnePass Waffle Drying Towel – soaks up unbelievable volume of water for quick, efficient and safe drying

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Race Glaze Wash Bucket PLUS

The perfect gift to you, your car or someone else, this unique set provides all you need for Detailer-level safe car washing.

The objective is to allow your washing tool to glide safely over your paintwork, gently cleansing it without using harsh chemicals, not reapplying removed dirt and drying off to a sparkling finish.

Each of the consumable items can be replenished from us.


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