Wheel Woolie Angled Wheel Brush 18 inch


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The Caliper or Spoke Wheel Woolie combines an ultra-soft polypropelene carpet fibre head on a 45° degree, non-scratch, polypropylene handle. It is therefore perfect for easy cleaning of the backs of alloy wheels, the centre where it bolts onto the axle, brake calipers and other tricky places. The brush is chemical resistant.

Like all the other Wheel Woolies it contains no metal at all. This is the longer 18ʺ version, very similar to the classic straight Wheel Woolies except for its angled handle.

Highly effective in use, durable and soft, so is safe on all wheel types including highly polished, split rims and traditional alloys, as well as wire wheels. Just the thing to add to your detailing kit to make life easier !


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