Water Filter Spray Gun


Hose spray gun for Race Glaze water filters

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For distribution of your 0ppm Race Glaze filtered water for the final rinse we recommend a simple spray gun attachment on your (new) hose. This gives you easy control over where the water goes, speeding up the process and wasting minimal water.
This spray gun attachment allows you to create the important wave to wash over the cars panels, rinsing away tap water residues. This gives you a visual check that you have covered all areas rather than wasting gallons of water.

Note that we dont recommend use of a pressure washer for this as:
a) it blasts water everywhere
b) the above costs you more money
c) coverage may not be easily checkable
d) the internal workings of the PW and its output will have dried on limescale which will be rinsed onto your clean car – it wont be 0ppm

Fully compatible with standard hose connectors, features 6 spray patterns but we recommend ‘Flat’. Lockable handle, and heavy duty metal adjustment. Soft easy grip handle.


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