Silicone Water Blade


  • 305mm / 12′ long
  • Comfortable handle
  • Medical-grade silicon material
  • T-profile end creates a tidal wave of water as you use it which lifts off any dirt accidentally remaining
  • Hanging eyelet/
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This extremely useful, time saving car drying blade removes 90+% of surface water in one pass. Brilliant when drying large vehicles in summer as it removes water before water stains can develop in hot weather.

Extra long medical grade T-profile silicone blade conforms to bodywork curves and an easy grip handle ensures a firm hold.

Won’t scratch even concours paintwork, is brilliant on glass, and not just on your car – try it when window cleaning, on shower screens and more.

Note: these Blades have a T-shaped blade which is much more effective than those without. We have seen them listed on-line for £19+ too, the same product…


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