Gardena Water Smart Digital Flow Meter


Gardena Digital Water Flow Meter

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The easiest way to assess how long your water filter will last, having computed the volume your filter will produce given your local water hardness.

Our Gardena Water Smart Digital flow meter is ready to use, with a battery included and offers many features. Note that the illustration on the Race Glaze water filter is just that – of a similar product. This Gardena unit does the same job but is from a very respected brand.

With the Water Smart Flow Meter from GARDENA you don’t have to rely on just a feeling when watering your garden. You always know your water consumption and can control it accordingly. Thanks to the included battery, the device is immediately ready for use. It has four functions that you can set by pressing a button and then easily read on the display. Keep yourself up to date on your garden’s daily or seasonal water consumption or measure each watering process and the current flow rate in litres per minute. The flow meter can be connected to a water tap, sprinkler, hose connector, shower or pump and then provides you with the current data through active measurement. This enables you to water in a targeted manner and according to your needs. Saving water, protecting the environment, and saving costs, as not a single drop of precious water is wasted.
Experience the benefits of the innovative Water Smart Flow Meter.
GARDENA gives you a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Das Original GARDENA System.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 18350
EAN-Code: 4078500818803
Use For controlling water consumption, measures the water quantity that has flowed through
Frost protection No
Warranty 5 years
  • 3/4 inch passage and easy to use: construction of the passage for even water absorption, built-in impeller made of PE material to reduce the friction between the impeller and the water pipe. Built-in rubber ring and multi-layer thread interface increase friction and prevent water leakage. Plug and play, easy to use. Fits 3/4″ timers, hoses and sprinklers.


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