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Race Glaze Signature Black Label Concours Car Wax is a truly premium hand crafted fine Carnauba wax for the true connoisseur. There is no doubt this is a very special product which will be appreciated by the cognoscenti.

Developed in spring 2010, this wax is winning admirers worldwide, not only for its stunning packaging but also its performance. Unlike many other waxes, it does feel that you are leaving protection behind, even as you buff off.

Some of the UK’s leading professional detailers now offer Black Label to their clients for an additional premium – companies like Supercar Detailing, The Ultimate Shine, Perfection Detailing, Polished Bliss and others.

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Black Labels’ unmistakeable padded black box reveals a handsome and weighty solid billet aluminium jar, bespoke manufactured for their flagship product. Feel the weight and its luxurious silken anodised finish – it really does feel the part.

Turn the masculine lid, reminiscent of a Ferrari filler cap, to reveal 300ml of smooth, white Grade-1 refined Carnauba and oil rich soft wax. With over 66% Carnauba content by volume, compare its technical spec, which is silicone-free too, with other waxes costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds more.

Each jar, which is refillable by Race Glaze at £200, should coat 40-50 cars with a deeply reflective, nourishing and warm glow, leaving it looking literally wet to the touch. Its protective capability, tight water beading and longevity are assured. Its careful formulation allows a huge proportion of a car to be waxed before effortless buffing off without residues. Its ease of use and results will leave you stunned.

Each jar carries a watermarked Certificate of Authenticity, your guarantee of the finest ingredients skilfully blended and poured by hand in limited quantities.

3 reviews for Black Label Concours Wax

  1. Certified buyers

    Rob at Supercar Detailing

    Miles better than 55
    I’ve used Black Label on a Frazer Nash 328 for Concours last week and a Ferrari at a local dealer – very impressed with the wax and the packaging just blows clients away.

    Alastair De Castro

    Awesome – depth and reflectivity

    a) Appearance & Application: Distinctive aluminium tight seal container – no applicator is supplied. Wax has the appearance and texture of soft ‘light brown peanut butter’ and no distinctive smell (unlike zymol and others). Because of the soft consistency application is quite easy either by hand or using a microfibre applicator. It leaves a liquid glassy layer on the surface which then hazes.
    b) Buffing: Removal with quality microfibre cloths requires good technique due to the high carnauba with two microfibres – one to remove hazing and the second to create a final finish
    c) Finish & Durability: A liquid glass-like layer is left on the car with high levels of mirror reflectivity on black. Even more impressive – is the once the first layer is cured – the finish builds when a second layer applied creating more deep pool like depth and reflectivity that is truly awesome. I will be adding a third layer and reporting on durability over the next 6mths

    Thomas Miley

    Just great
    I picked up some of your Black Label Concours from Roger in the USA. Just great. Really easy to use and it has a real long work time to help you spread the wax into a thin coat. Marvellous to look at and admire. I have used it on my winestone Subaru.

    Thomas Bernouis

    55 vs. Black Label
    The disparity in looks are noticable. BL gives you that final finishing touch with better reflections and more shine. The most noticable difference is when you go to wash the car, when drying the car up you begin to notice that the car looks as if it’s just had a freshly applied layer of wax. I think this is the main difference with a boutique wax and a regular one like 55. The quality shines through and remains wash after wash.

  2. Alex G – UK

    Alex G

    Just LOVE this stuff. A bit on the soft side, but so nice to use and it gives an awesome finish. My top wax, and although not cheap it is better value than other more expensive stuff

  3. Rich F – Redditch

    Rich F

    Deep wet shine
    I bought this product some 3 -4 years ago and kept it in my garage fridge as time went by I simply forgot about it with all the other waxes I bought along the way looking for the ultimate as we do ….anyway 3 cars later found it and cracked it open on my white rocco R ….. Ummm why didn’t I dig deep before God knows , the best wax I’ve used out of a collection of over 60 shhhh ,absolutely amazing and puts others to shame in many ways I’ve noticed since I bought this they do many other products which wernt available some years ago I’m getting ordering !! Let’s try them all out now !!! Well done race glaze

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