Hybrid Blue Carnauba/Polymer Wax Sample (15ml)


  • Incredibly durable, perfect ‘winter’ wax
  • High Carnauba content of 40% + nano polymers
  • Easy to apply and buff
  • Sufficient for 2 cars

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A refreshingly different hard wax from RG, a cool wave of deep blue colour heralds a high technology hybrid paste wax of stunning performance.

Perfectly suited to any paint type and age, blending a high 40% concentration of pure white Carnauba wax fused with long chain polymers from refined paraffin and other waxes for a satisfyingly rich gloss and incredible durability.

Race Glaze Hybrid Blue has a slightly higher melting point than most other Signature Series waxes, hence its slightly firmer nature. It exhibits excellent resistance to atmospheric and airborne chemical attack, and against oxidising agents. This results in superb durability of 8 months or more in our tests in harsh conditions – this makes Hybrid Blue the perfect winter wax, with more gloss than traditional synthetic options due to it high carnauba content.

Layer as much as you like, adding depth and longevity, spreading thinly for economy and ease of buffing.

Hybrid Blue is part of a new generation of waxes appealing to demanding, hard core detailing enthusiasts, combining the depth and lively warm gloss of a wax with the extended durability of polymers. The best of both worlds. And blue.

Sufficient for approx 2 coats of an average sized car. Layering is recommended with 2 coats initially.

Also available in 200ml (6oz.) and 100ml (3oz) HDPE flat bottomed clear/translucent containers.


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