Set of 5 Car Detailing Brushes


5 all-natural, no metal brushes with hanging eyelet. Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16

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An extremely useful set of durable, chemical resistant natural boars bristle brushes for detailing vehicles.

Every detailer shoud have a set for the dozens of tasks requiring access to fiddly, hard to reach places, and for agitating cleansing products around decals, door shuts, window seals, handles. Even harsh acid wheel cleaners do not affect these super-durable brushes.

Smaller brushes are ideal for interior use between trim panel gaps, around in-car hi-fi and air vents, larger Race Glaze detailing brushes are great for engine bay detailing and wheel cleaning.

Cheaper, similar looking brushes are available, but these are the original ones we have sold and proven over several years. they are durable, bristles don’t fall out and the brush head is dense (not a ring of a few bristles). We sell thousands every year.

Brush sizes – bristle width at collar:

Size 6: 11mm

Size 8: 13mm

Size 10: 16mm

Size 12: 21mm

Size 16: 25mm

Total length inc. handle 20-22cm except size 6 (18cm). Bristle length 45mm.


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