Nano Fabric Protector


  • Versatile and highly effective fabric protector
  • Contents 250ml
  • Actively repels liquids, resists dirt, discolouration, staining, dye transfer
  • No VOCs, totally safe in use
  • More effective than silicone products
  • Economical in use
  • Durable and effective
  • Substantial 250ml bottle for massive fine mist spray area coverage
  • Supplied ready to use with thumb spray
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A long proven product, formulated and tested since 2013.

Our simple to use, spray-on water-based fabric protector which keeps fabrics clean. Has excellent non-stick and non-wetting properties, with exceptional chemical resistance, toughness and abrasion resistance. Resistant to accretion of dirt, discolouration, staining and dye transfer.
Bonds to fabric at a subsurface level, is totally transparent and resistant to water and oil-based liquids.

Not flammable. Outperforms silicone-based products. No VOCs.

Highly hydrophobic and durable, as it bonds at a molecular level with the target area, it means that liquids will bead and not penetrate the surface of your car cover, seats, mats, carpets, outdoor umbrella, garden furniture etc. Simply mop them up – perfect for cabriolets, cars carrying children, food or shopping. Works just as well around the home, on sofas, clothing and other fabrics. Ideal for reproofing UV affected items such as car covers- see example image. Durability outsoodrs ie UV-affected will be lower than indoors.

The protection comes from a Fluropolymer coating, advanced technology produced by one of the worlds leading chemical companies. Reapplication may be necessary after 18 months on heavily wear affected areas.

Application is simple – spray on, ensuring a good, even coat with 100% coverage of the selected area, and leave to dry. Because it is clear and water based, overspray doesn’t need to be wiped off surrounding hard surfaces. So perfect for use on mixed fabric and leather seats, alcantara/suede, even hard surfaces such as plastic or stone.

It should not affect the colour or texture of fabrics its applied to, but its advisable to test on a small area first.

1 review for Nano Fabric Protector

  1. Certified buyer

    Yvonne Ashman
    S Wales

    I’d like to compliment this firm on their speedy delivery. I placed order on Monday and received the item on Thursday. During these trying times I think that excellent. Big thank you. Can’t review the product just yet as I haven’t had chance to try it.

    Jeff Bond

    Does what it promises
    Hi, I finally took delivery of my new XC90 late July. Immediately on delivery I also used your nano fabric protector on the Alcantara type synthetic seat centres combined with nappa squabs and all carpets – again, all seems excellent and does what it says on the tin lol

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