Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner 500ml


Alcohol-based glass cleaner

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An extremely straightforward clear glass cleaner, quick and economical in use, with a pleasant aroma, and highly effective.

Superb against road grime, baked on dust, waterspots, greasy or sticky fingermarks, tobacco smoke residues, dogs nose prints, baked on dust and insect residues.

No chalky abrasives means no dust or residues, will not smear and evaporates off quickly in warm weather due to a high ethanol content which dissolves bonded-on debris.

Simply spray and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth for totally transparent windows. Silicone free, alcohol based. Safe on Perspex.

Contents: 500ml, fine mist trigger spray

1 review for Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner 500ml

  1. Certified Buyers

    Graham Wilson

    Simply the best!
    Never mind the car – I’ve just cleaned the entire interior house windows in 40 minutes! Found it more effective if applied with kitchen towel, which absorbs the dirt and avoids streaks, then leave a couple of minutes to dry and polish with a soft cloth – fantastic results! Best product since Ajax ammonia, which was banned when people started drinking it!

    Andrew Checkley

    Glass Cleaner
    Quite simply the easiest glass cleaning product I’ve ever used.

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