Porsche Linen Scuffmaster Leather Dye Repair Kit


Porsche Cream Seat leather dye repair kit

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No matter how careful you are, leather can get accidentally damaged. By continual rubbing of the seat belt, getting in and out of a car or scratching, your seat leather can become damaged. Gliptone Scuffmaster Leather Repair Kits will touch-up these problem areas. Colour: PORSCHE LINEN

These leather dyes are “new generation” water based colours which do not require a topcoat sealant – it’s built in. Once dry, the colour is permanent and waterproof.

The kit allows for fading or slight variations in original leather by providing small bottles of toner to darken or lighten the main colour. We also provide a Gloss Enhancer to allow for leather that has become shiny, so with a little mixing you can exactly match your leather.

The colours are also concentrated so that you can repair all the common damage that occurs. Just add water to the dye to thin it to your needs. Every colour is to the manufacturers original colour so if your car is old some toning will be required to allow for fading etc.

All seats should be thoroughly cleaned with a Leather Cleaner first, then touched in and finally conditioned with Leather Conditioner.

Note: Liquid Leather no longer do these kits, so while they are quite old they still work as they are unopened. We only have a few remaining.


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