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Stabilant 22 liquid electrical contact enhancer



Stabilant 22 is an electrically active material which stays resident within a contact-pair, thereby enhancing conductivity without causing electrical leakage between adjacent contacts.

Although Stabilant 22 does have a detergent action it is not sold as a cleaner, just as it has a good lubricant action but is not sold as a lubricant. Stabilant 22 is used to increase the reliability of contacts. Tenfold to one hundred-fold increases are not unusual.

At the present time it is used in many different types of contacts, including card-edge connectors, D-type connectors, MIL-spec connectors, signal switches, etc.

Stabilant 22 is an initially non-conductive amorphous-semiconductive polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropyline block polymer with a molecular weight of about 2800 that, when used in thin films between contacts, acts under the influence of the electrical field and switches to a conductive state. The electric field gradient at which this occurs is established during manufacture so that the material will remain normally non-conductive. Its switching speed is too slow to allow it to be used in the more traditional semiconductor applications; however, this means that signals at frequencies substantially above five cycles per hour will not be modulated by the switching characteristics of Stabilant 22.

Thus, when applied to electromechanical contacts, Stabilant 22 provides the wide-bandpass connection reliability of a soldered joint without bonding the contacting surfaces together!

In its undiluted form at room temperature, Stabilant 22 has the viscosity of medium-weight motor oil, although it thins out with increasing temperature, starting to decompose into the two polymers it is formed from at about 240° Celsius. It has a very low vapor pressure and therefore there is no appreciable loss of material from evaporation. It has been in some applications for more than fifteen years without renewal.


This material, developed in Canada, is in service worldwide.  Since receiving Byte Magazine’s “Product of the Year Award” in 1985 it has been mentioned many times in that and other publications.

It is the only material of its type available anywhere.  One point is critical, Stabilant 22 is not “just another contact cleaner” but is an initially non-conductive block polymer that switches to a conductive state only when used in a thin film within the interstices of a contact, remaining non-conductive on the insulating surfaces between adjacent contacts.  Thus, remaining resident within the contacts, it improves connector reliability within a contact set without causing signal leakage problems between adjacent contacts.

Its advantages are not in making new contacts better, but in keeping contacts operating as it they were new, and in making old contacts function perfectly in spite of the ravages of time and adverse environments.  In simple terms, Stabilant 22 provides the reliability of a soldered joint without producing a mechanical bond.  It also exhibits excellent lubricating properties, does not creep; as it has a very low vapour pressure and exceptional stability it will continue to enhance contact reliability for many years.

Stabilant 22 is used in Communications, Computers, CAD/CAM systems, Radio & TV production and broadcasting, Bio-Medical Electronics, Military Electronics (Supplier Code & NATO/Military Stock Numbers available), Robotics, Recording studios, to mention but a few applications:  Indeed it can be useful anywhere connectors and (non-arcing) switches are employed.

In automotive service, Stabilant 22 substantially improves the reliability of sensor contacts and computer-based module connectors, as well as high-amperage lighting and starting connections.  Other areas Stabilant 22 would benefit are car-audio systems, alarm and security systems, wiring-harnesses, instrument clusters, powered rear-view mirrors, power-windows (including sun roofs), convertible-tops, in-car GPS systems, mobile and cellular telephone systems, not to mention all that wonderful diagnostic equipment that’s highly computerized.

Because of its low-toxicity and reliability, Stabilant 22 has been used extensively as a one-shot, environmentally-friendly alternative to repetitive-contact-cleaning treatments.

But Stabilant 22 also has another great advantage.  It saves time, and consequently saves money!

Kit Contents

The 5 ml ”Field Kit” includes several applicator brushes and a 15 ml empty bottle for dilution with Isopropyl or Ethyl alcohol, if desired.Obviously, it is the concentrate that remains after the alcohol has evaporated that accomplishes the job. The alcohol is there just as a solvent to ”carry” the concentrate into place. By diluting it, Stabilant can be applied to socketed IC’s without removing them from their sockets. The concentrate, on the other hand, is often used as an insertion aid when inserting multiple-pin IC’s into their sockets because of its lubricating properties.

Isopropyl alconhol is available from us in a 25ml bottle on this site.

Just how much should be used?
Normally, a film thickness of about 0.5 to 1 ml of the concentrate is more than enough. In other words, you want just enough to fill up the minute gaps within the contacts. When Stabilant 22 is used in diluted form, be sure to allow for the evaporation of the alcohol which forms 4/5ths of the volume.

Ask yourselves these questions:

How long does it take to remove a door panel to get the contacts inside, or pull an instrument cluster for that matter?  How much time is spent trying to diagnose an erratic piece of electronics?  How often does the job have to be repeated, when it was supposed to be fixed?

Stabilant 22 is enough to apply so that all the connectors in a system can be treated in less time than it takes to isolate the defective connection!  A few drops of Stabilant 22 is all that you need!

With the increase in electrical and electronic complexity brought about by the need for greater-and-greater gas-mileage and the decreasing weight of trucks and cars, the problems are likely to increase!  At the same time, there is a constant pressure on manufactures to add what sometimes seems to be more “bells and whistles”, in order to retain their share of the world-market.

Thus, intermittent failures become a source of frustration and annoyance to the car owner, fleet owner, mechanic, or electronic service person.  Obviously, a quick, and reliable long-lasting fix is needed!

Stabilant 22 will be there to solve the electrical and electronic problems!

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