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The Renovo Ultraproofer is the absolute finest ‘brush on’ protectant specifically formulated for all fabric convertible tops, and boat covers. Ultra Proofer protects the material from the elements, sun damage, fading, stains and waterproofs all in one operation. Contains a strong UV Inhibitor and is mold and mildew resistant.

Renovo Ultra Proofer will help to prevent the harmful penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old convertible top material and help to keep the re-colour provided by Soft-Top Reviver fresher for even longer.

A 500 ml bottle will normally cover the average top with one coat.

How To Apply Renovo Ultraproofer:

Use the Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner to completely clean the top or cover prior to waterproofing. Mask off all the windows and paint and allow the surface to dry completely before applying Ultra Proofer. Use a 2′ wide nylon paint brush, disposable foam brush, foam paint roller or air brush and start at the center of the forward edge of the top. Apply a thin, even coat to the top working from side to side towards the rear of the top. Immediately remove any drips on paint, glass or trim with a wet cloth. Allow it to completely dry for 24 hours before folding the top. The ‘water bead test’ will determine the condition of existing top protectant. If water beads evenly when wet, then the existing protectant is in good condition. If water does not bead evenly or soaks into the material, then apply a coat of Fabric Ultra Proofer.

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Renovo Bottle Size

1 Litre, 500ml

2 reviews for Renovo Fabric Hood Ultra Proofer

  1. Malcolm Paton – Wisbech

    Malcolm Paton

    Spot on
    Does exactly what it says on the tin, er bottle.

  2. Peter – Norfolk


    Just Brilliant
    Its not the cheapest system…but the results are incredible. I applied 2 coats of the proofer and now the water just sheds off. What water remains are in beads, which ping around on the fabric like silver balls in a pinball machine in the wind.

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