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Maypole motorhome covers are manufactured from high quality, heavy duty 4 ply non-woven polypropylene fabric. They are highly water resistant and UV stable, feature straps and zips for easy fitment, removal and access to the vehicle. These Recreational Vehicle covers offer the best possible protection for your RV against wind, rain and airborne pollution at a great low price!

  • Breathable, so can be placed on a wet vehicle and which won’t sweat, preventing the growth of algae and mould
  • Made from a soft, non-scratch 4 layer fabric, comprising 3 layers of spun polypropylene for protection from rain and dirt, plus a breathable membrane which lets condensation and moisture out
  • Provides excellent protection from UV, keeping your motorhome cool in summer
  • Give superior water resistance – only the heaviest of prolonged downpour will penetrate anywhere, and any moisture will soon evaporate back out with breeze or sun as vapour
  • Offers protection from the elements – wind, rain, show, hail, frost, birds, cats, leaves
  • Provides protection from prying eyes and fingers, scratches from kids bikes and passers by
  • Keeps your RV free of bird mess, tree sap, verdigris, moss, mould, leaves and general dirt which takes so long to remove in the spring. Put it away clean in the autumn and its ready to use in the spring.
  • Straightforward to fit, with elasticated corners and hem, and nylon straps with buckles on the side, front and rear to adjust for a perfect fit – why go to the expense of a custom made motorhome cover?
  • Zips on all 4 corners allow easier placement on the vehicle and access once covered.
  • Zips on BOTH sides for easy door access – even if your vehicle is left-hand drive.
  • Reflectors on front and rear for increased night time visibility.
  • Straps, zips and fast-clip buckles guaranteed for 2 years from manufacturing defects.
  • Supplied with a storage bag.
  • If your motorhome has a cab hump, we recommend you purchase the next size up.

Technical note: Water resistant means that the material will inhibit the transit through of moisture (rain, melting snow etc) to a given degree under testing using a set area of fabric and specified barometric pressure. Water resistant (sometimes referred to as ‘breathable’) covers allow the transit of moisture after a certain amount of rainfall, and will more readily allow evaporation of both rainfall and naturally occurring condensation. Test figures for this cover were passed at up to a 1000mm hydrostatic pressure head.

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Weight 15 kg
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Double Extra Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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