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SuperDuty Snow Foam Lance (no adapter)


  • Super heavy duty snow foam lance
  • Outlasts cheap copies
  • Large 1L bottle included with heavy plastic nozzle
  • Stainless steel thread for stainless connecting pipe – not supplied – buy with the adapter
  • Durable, tough – no weak points
  • Order brass and nylon Karcher K or other steel fittings separately
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If you want to get that ‘just snowed’ look on your car, with thick, dense snow foam to aid washing and create a spectacular opening to your car washing routine, this is a proven product which should be of great interest to those wishing to step up their personal detailing programme.

You’ll need a pressure washer and the right adapter for it (see listings) and some Snow Foam (ours is £5 for 500ml, enough to make 10l of snow solution).

This unit is tough, heavier duty than the cheaper, lighter looking models on offer, so entirely suitable for professionals too. Supplied with strong screw-threaded foam container. The connector between the units’ head and the adapter to your pressure washer is inset brass in nylon and stainless steel pipe – no plastic thread which can break under weight.

Just adjust the nozzle, there are 5 settings and cover your car in foam which will soften dirt as it sits on the vehicle and slowly runs down, taking some with it. This will make the actual hands on wash easier and with less chance of scratching stubborn debris off.

This unit benefits from a stainless steel injector which allows a perfect mix of air and solution. Using the head of the unit you can adjust the angle of the stream of snow created. The entire unit is resistant to chemicals and contains a filter which is accessible for cleaning. It is recommended that clean water is run through the attachment when you have finished foaming.

Product weight: 432g.

If you are unsure which adapter fits other branded pressure washers please contact us.

‘Budget’ – we used this term when these were sold by us alongside genuine Italian-made PA lances at £47. The market is now flooded with cheap Oriental imports so this SuperDuty Lance is now relatively expensive, but in our opinion will last much longer and gives better results.

Cleaning the filter: unscrew the Philips headed small screw on the side of the unit, work the head of the lance off and the white filter will be visible at the end of the assembly. Wash thoroughly and reverse the process. Do not knock out the pins which hold the unit together, this will not give access.


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