Pocket Microfibre Applicator Pad – New Large size (3 Pack)


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An alternative to our essential white cotton applicators, these excellent microfibre pads are now a larger 6.5” (17cm) size. They are also considerably thicker.

Our previous smaller ones sold in their thousands.

Made from double sided microfibre and fitted with a neat pocket to slide your finders into, they really do aid application of wet products such as cleansers, dressings and polish. You have less chance of dropping your applicator, can much more easily control it and can flip it inside out to reveal another surface to lengthen the life of the pad before washing.

The microfibre is dense and tufted, with a sponge inner.

Supplied in light blue, fully machine washable, they work a treat! We strongly recommend them.

Buy 3 for £6 – normally £2.50 each.


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