Ceramic Coating service


In-house 9H professional ceramic coating service.

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Our own 9H Ceramic PRO product applied to your car in our own detailing studio. By us.

After washing, claybarring and suitable machine polishing, we will coat your car bodywork with the Professional-only version of our retail 9H product, with options for our PRO Glass, Wheel and Nano Interior products too, for all round protection.

Prices will vary according to size and complexity of vehicle, and how much machine polishing is required ie due to age and condition, so we cannt quote without seeing the car, though are happy to give a guide price by phone/e-mail with suitable images provided.

We require a non-refundable deposit – the price shown, which is not the total cost. We will contact you to make an appointment to see the car, finally quote and book in for the work.

Vehicle will be kept in our secur epremises for a period after work is completed to allow for curing and hopefully a dry day to collect your gleaming car.


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