Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Restorer Kit


  • Restore milky, discoloured chrome window trim and roof rack bars
  • For modern cars
  • Kit contains Polish and Protective wax, cloth and applicators
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A new solution to a very common issue with chrome/chrome effect metal window trim on many modern cars which turns milky and dull after washing. The same problem also afflicts roof bars.

The Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Kit will swiftly polish up trim on many models, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and more, and includes a polymer-enriched protective coating to apply after to help prevent recurrence.

The product is economical, a little goes a very long way.

Its an entirely manual process so doesn’t need a polishing machine nor professional application. The Kit includes 2 applicators and a soft microfibre cloth.

Professional / dealer sized kits are available on application.

Image shows a before and after section on an Audi A6. See a YouTube video of the same area here: https://youtu.be/Hek3TqX2Nmo

1 review for Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Restorer Kit

  1. Stuart Reid – UK

    Stuart Reid

    Will save me replacing trim !
    Used the products today, didn’t spend too much time on it. But really happy with the results. I’m assuming the more applications the greater the restoration of the trim? The trim my car is pretty bad, it’s a 13 yr old RS4, hopefully will save me replacing with new.

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