Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Restorer Kit


Restore milky, discoloured chrome window trim and roof rack bars
For modern cars
Kit contains Polish and Protective wax, cloth and applicators

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A new solution to a very common issue with chrome/chrome effect metal window trim on many modern cars which turns milky and dull after washing. The same problem also afflicts roof bars.

The Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Kit will swiftly polish up trim on many models, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and more, and includes a polymer-enriched protective coating to apply after to help prevent recurrence.

The product is economical, a little goes a very long way.

Its an entirely manual process so doesn’t need a polishing machine nor professional application. The Kit includes 2 applicators and a soft microfibre cloth.

Professional / dealer sized kits are available on application.

Image shows a before and after section on an Audi A6. See a YouTube video of the same area here: https://youtu.be/Hek3TqX2Nmo

Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Apply a very small swipe of Step 1 (white cream) onto the White Pad and work into the surface being treated. A simple horizontal movement is effective. Work until product dries out and buff off with one side of the microfibre cloth provided. The other side is to be saved for Step 2. Repeat and continue as necessary over all target surfaces.
Step 2 is a protective wax, apply using the same method using the Yellow (non-absorbent) Pad and reverse of the cloth. 1 very fine coat is all thats needed, leave to dry to a greyish haze (usually 5-10 minutes) and buff with your cloth. If product is still greasy to the touch, wait a while, if its rock hard and difficult to polish of, apply a fine additional coat and buff sooner. Timing varies by temperature and humidity. Do not apply in damp evening conditions. Reapply after 4-6 months to maintain protection.

We and our customers have tested this product on many manufacturers models from different times, but with such a huge variety of surfaces in use over time, and different chemicals which may have caused your own issue, we cannot guarantee that this product will solve your problem. It is offered as a possible solution and its success is not guaranteed. We therefore cannot offer a refund for partially used kits if it doesnt work, but consider that as the alternative is to buy new trim, if available, its worth a try and modest investment.

2 reviews for Hindsight Window Trim & Roof Bar Restorer Kit

  1. Stuart Reid – UK

    Stuart Reid

    Will save me replacing trim !
    Used the products today, didn’t spend too much time on it. But really happy with the results. I’m assuming the more applications the greater the restoration of the trim? The trim my car is pretty bad, it’s a 13 yr old RS4, hopefully will save me replacing with new.

  2. J Bell

    Finally found the Chrome Trim restorer kit I bought from @Morethanpolish – Amazing results (4 images shown in Product Gallery)
    Mr J Bell, on Mercedes C350 CDi Estate, 22/7/2023

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