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Glass & Chrome Polish (250ml)


  • Very easy to apply and remove.
  • Capable of removing even the very worst road film from windscreens.
  • Fills fine scratches to leave a bright crystal clear smear free finish.
  • Anti dazzle formula improves night vision.
  • Contents: 250ml
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Glass and chrome need the same properties in a polish. An abrasive that is strong enough to remove the stains and debris, but one that breaks down, so as not to scratch the hard surface it is being applied to.

Traditional metal polishes are far too coarse for quality Chrome on classic cars (bumpers, lights, door handles, rubbing trim strips etc) and once the microscopically thin layer becomes scratched, it is the beginning of a continual deterioration that cannot be reversed.

1 review for Glass & Chrome Polish (250ml)

  1. Francis Lohan

    Francis Lohan

    Great product
    Great product, even improved scratches on my house windows

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