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Signature Acid & Caustic-free Wheel Cleaner (500ml)


  • Acid-free
  • Caustic-free
  • Powerful yet very gentle
  • Economical
  • Effective
  • No strong, unpleasant aroma
  • Cleans wheel of all types – steel, alloy, wire, painted, powder coated
  • 500ml spray bottle

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We’re really pleased with our new Gel acid and caustic free Wheel Cleaner, which has both distinctive properties and presentation. It exhibits the best features of products designed to effectively cleanse, those which are a thick, viscous gel formula so stay on the wheel and clean without running off, and products which are safe to use on all wheels.

Suitable for alloy, steel, painted, chrome wire and anodised wheels.

Its blue, effervescent colour is also striking.

Being both acid and crucially caustic-free means Signature Wheel Cleaner avoids the main drawback with acid-free products, which is that they are often strongly caustic.

The new Race Glaze product will effectively clean your wheels, stay in contact with brake and road debris and not run off, which improves economy and lessens environmental run off.

Environmental credentials:
Solvent free – no VOCs or atmospheric pollutants
Phosphate free – won’t create algal blooms for example

1 review for Signature Acid & Caustic-free Wheel Cleaner (500ml)

  1. Mark Wibberley

    Peter Lawley
    Telford, Shropshre.

    As an update on my earlier reviews of this product, which were not entirely favourable, I recently bought a replacement bottle of the product, and used it to clean some very smart sports alloys on a friends Focus ST. Either the product has been slightly diluted, or the trigger spray head on the first bottle was faulty, as the product this time sprayed on perfectly and cleanly with no dripping down from the head, and gave a perfect finish. Once more, Raceglaze products provide excellent service and value for money. (The rest of the car came up perfectly finished also, thanks to Aqua Bathe shampoo, claying, paint prep One, and a finish off with Carnauba 42 wax !)

    Peter Lawley
    Telford, Shropshire

    Good cleaner, but application could be better
    Used this for the first time the other day on very dirty alloys. The product cleans very well indeed and the wheels eventually came up sparkling clean. I say eventually, because I didn’t find the application all that clever. The cleaner is certainly thick and viscous, but for that reason the spray head is not much use as it only sprays gobbets of cleaner onto the wheel. The cleaner itself doesn’t foam up, and just sits there requiring plentiful agitation with a brush. Furthermore, the cleanser drips onto the spray trigger and onto the bottle making it very slippery. In the end, it was simpler to decant some of the cleanser into a lid and use a stiff brush in order to apply the gel direct, brushing it in as I went, then returning to first wheel and hosing off. Good product and environmental credentials, but long established acid-based products easier to use on alloys at least IF you can live with the acidic based solution.

    Peter Lawley

    Update on use – better results than I had thought
    By way of updating, and a corrective, to my original review, what is most impressive about this product is the lasting power of the gel to repel brake dust and road dirt. Although the initial application could be easier – see previously – the net result after use is that brake dust and road dirt is easy to wash and brush off with a standard wheel brush, leaving the wheels shining bright once again. So in the longer term, probably only need to use 2 or 3 times a year, and just wash and brush down in between to retain sparkling alloys every time.

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