Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant


  • Spray on, buff off
  • Nano multi-linking polymer technology
  • Actively repels brake dust
  • Contains waxes too
  • Durability of 6 months+
  • Very economical in use
  • Half the price of competitive products
  • Non-hazardous, non-flammable
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We’ve created a brand new Nano polymer-based spray on wheel sealant which contains waxes and brake dust inhibitors designed to seal in your clean wheels and protect from the attack of brake dust and consequent pitting.

Wheels treated with Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant will be much much easier to clean, look shinier longer and not need refurbishment either. They will keep harmful brake dust, salt and road grime off your alloy, steel, diamond cut and split rims wheels of any type. Even wire wheels.

The product is entirely non-hazardous, so safe for us to ship worldwide. It is a clear liquid and adds shine too.

It will save you time, money and backache – a simple wash with shampoo and a sponge will keep your wheels clean.

Independent reports of durability of over 6 months have been seen. Even greater longevity will be seen on rarely used garaged cars or weekend cars. Our wheel sealant is perfect for heavily used motorway or race cars which suffer from heavy brake dust accumulations.

Layering the product creates greater durability, as the cross-linking polymers bond to form a tougher coating. No problem with overspray on the discs when applying, it will come off the first time you brake and the car will stop normally even then.

Creates a protective coating on spectacles too !

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250ml, 500ml

4 reviews for Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant

  1. Paul Bethell – Kendal

    Paul Bethell

    Amazing product – I’m hooked!
    I bought this upon recommendation for some high quality protection for my alloy wheels, having just purchased a Vauxhall Insignia VX-Line with 20" diamond-cut alloys. I cleaned the wheels with fall-out remover, dried them off and applied the Nano Wheel Sealant as directed to each wheel in turn and buffed off, then after an hour I repeated the process to give 2 layers of protection. The product leaves the wheels with a very deep gloss finish and a silken feel, and any dirt and grime simply hoses off…..brilliant! I just wish i’d used it sooner!

  2. T Pridham

    T pridham
    Didcot oxon

    Best wheel coating
    Love this stuff,spray it on your wheel,it smells nice let it dry then buff it up.Will help to keep your wheels clean and easier to wash regards Trevor.

  3. Certified buyer

    Mick Burrell

    Used this on winter wheels before fitting to the car last November and it seemed to last all winter in that the wheels were always easy to clean and I didn’t see the need to re-apply. Kept them looking like new. Summer wheels were of course treated before going back on.

    Alfred Trovag

    Easy too work with.
    Just bought this sealant and spray ON my summer wheels. Cheap, Nice look and durable.

    Ian Houghton

    I tried the wheel sealant today on my wife’s GLA. I think the product is awesome, so easy to apply and left the alloys blinging like one of Lewis Hamiltons ears ! Super smooth and shiny. I love it, so much so that I’m tempted to try some of your other products.

  4. certified buyer

    john dwyer
    paignton, south devon

    great service
    what brilliant service, ordered on friday lunchtime arrived sat 10am,well done.


    Recently bought some.. Awesome stuff.
    Working very well on the Range Rover alloys.. The wheels are now covered in dirt after a heavy 10 days. However you can wipe it off with your finger…


    Recommended by Detailing World Official Review
    It’s very easy to use – spray on, wait, buff off, stand back and admire your handiwork Looks – definitely adds something to the finish On 4 wheels, I barely dented the top of the product, so I expect 250ml will do a lot of wheels. I also like that it’s easy to see where you have applied due to the colour and the fact that when you spray it on, the consistency of the product stops it running down the wheel and onto the tyre. Overall, it is recommended, it’s VERY good value for money, looks good and if it performs then I will be very happy.


    Great product
    Piece of cake to apply, spray, wait, wipe and buff for an awesome shine.


    2 coats = 29 weeks+
    I re-applied this yesterday after 2 coats lasted 29 weeks, it was still working very well and could have gone on but due to the decent weather window and impending winter I decided to strip back and start again. An excellent product.

    Francis Lohan

    Like it
    As described, works well, lasts for ages

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