Aqua Bathe pH-neutral car shampoo


  • Salt free
  • neutral Ph
  • biodegradable
  • leaves a lasting shine every time you wash, topping up the Carnauba wax on your car. Two capfuls per bucket provides high foam solution which blitzes through dirt, bugs and grime on your car
  • Enough for typically 50 washes per 500ml
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Unique, mild yet effective, creamy rich thick car shampoo, with extremely high concentration of natural Brazilian Carnauba wax.

This has been one of our most popular products for many years, with massive repeat purchase levels, so it must be appreciated.

You can tell a top quality product when it pours from the bottle – this is pure enough to use on your hair, and crucially will not strip wax from your car – its Carnauba content will actually lengthen the durability of wax and leaves a stunning streak-free shine every time you use it.

It is ph neutral, salt free and concentrated, so a couple of capfuls in a large bucket will suffice in most areas. These properties make it excellent and safe to use on classic cars.

Also available in 1 Litre bottle.

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Bottle Size

1000ml, 250ml, 500ml

2 reviews for Aqua Bathe pH-neutral car shampoo

  1. Mike

    Surrey, UK

    An outstanding, wax-friendly car shampoo
    I’ve been using this for several years now & am always delighted with the results it gives. It seems to work equally well on cars that just need dust or pollen taking off and mucky winter paintwork with all sorts of grime on it. I use a lambswool mitt and very warm water with 1-2 cap-fuls to each bucket of water. I have tried lots of other products but always come back to Aqua Bathe, which is effective and good value. By the way I’m not connected to the company except as a satisfied customer.

  2. Mark Wibberley


    Very good product

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