Refillable 0ppm Water Filter (7 litre)


  • Leaves no water spots even without drying off
  • Connects to your hosepipe or pressure washer effortlessly
  • Use to fully wash or just final rinse to reduce usage – the latter for best economy
  • 7 litre capacity, weighs 5kg, 50cm total height
  • Up to 700+ litres of pure filtered water depending on local water hardness
  • Supplied ready to use, pre-filled with MB115 resin manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Refillable with new filtration resin granules  so much lower cost long term – £45 for refills
  • Supplied filled with resin and 3/4′ threads for male adapters for Hozelock hosepipe fixings (adapters not supplied)
  • Refilling takes 5 minutes
  • No need to empty vessel of water between washes but advisable to run 2-3 litres through every 2 weeks in summer
  • Shipping to Northern Ireland – due to size/weight there is a supplement of £15 over our standard shipping rate. Please select this option from the ordering Location dropdown.


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We’ve all had to swiftly run round our cars to dry them before water spots form, which are very hard to remove and can badly affect paintwork. And try as you might, washing and drying will cause swirl marks and light surface scratching.

See video here:
Existing in-line water filters are either very expensive or have incredibly short lives, and can waste the casing, which is very environmentally unfriendly. For example, the AquaGleem filter is 2.5 litre capacity, typically retails at £75. That’s almost twice as expensive than our unit, costing you 47p per litre. The Race Glaze unit costs 25p per litre, as supplied with its first fill of mineral-absorbing resin,and only 11p per litre with subsequent refills. The Aquagleem unit is disposable, not refillable. (Updated 24/7/23)

  • !NOTE: this is based on Harpenden town water at 420ppm – some of the worst in the UK. Most customers will achieve significantly greater volume of pure water than this.The Race Glaze Maxi-Filter uses a durable 11 bar pressure tested fibreglass tank ready filled with 7 litres of premium A1 grade resin (note: some budget filters use sharps ( broken reject resin, or are only part filled) and comes ready for you to add standard Hozelock-type connectors (not supplied but available on this website) to begin use immediately. Our resin is usually MB115, though in tests with other quality resins, the results are not more than 5% different.
  • Mains water comes into the unit and is distributed from the bottom head and up under pressure into the resin bed, and as its only outlet is into the pipe, comes through the resin bed to emerge on the outlet side as close to 0 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids as possible. Using a hosepipe to wash a car uses approx. 30 litres of water (AutoExpress 21/3/2012), a final rinse only a fraction of that – we estimate 5-7 litres at most.This is a breakthrough in filtered water product for car washing that is proving to be very popular.We recommend that a final rinse is performed at half mains pressure, just sufficient to create a wave of water over the vehicle, and should be able to be completed in around 45 seconds for a standard family car, little over a minute for a 4×4. This is based on our own usage over the last 11 years.
  • Accessories: Water Hardness Meter so you can test the water to see when resin needs replacing, and replacement resin in 7 litre or 25 litre bags. Water Flow Meter (when available), Wall Bracket and connectors/adapters.
  • For a reading of your water hardness, simply send us a sample of your output water and we’ll measure it for you and report by email. FREE service for our customers only.
  • All our figures are based on a sensible typical UK hardness figure of 300ppm dissolved solids in Hertfordshire, giving 415 litres of water. You will get much more in softer water areas.
    There are dozens of reviews of these products and every one is totally genuine. Customers love them ! The product really is that good. If we added all the good things said about them verbally and on Forums we’d have 3 times as many…We have carefully selected these taller vessels, in consultation with a water treatment industry veteran, as wider, dumpier (window cleaners) vessels have a lower efficiency and can’t extract the maximum capacity from the resin. This ends up costing you more money. In our tests, our 7L filter produced 59 litres water per litre of resin, over 20% more efficient than the window cleaner 10L unit which produced 48L per litre of resin. So if you’re comparing units, add 20% to the price of the dumpy units.
  • We strongly advise that you check your shed/garage for male adapters and hosepipe-end connectors prior to purchase – though you can buy them from us with your order.
    Water Softeners change dissolved hardness into dissolved sodium bicarbonate which removes limescale. However, if you boil off the resultant water you will have a residue at the end of the process – which will be left on your car if you use softened water to wash it and let it dry in the sun.Our filter totally removes all dissolved solids and there will be nothing left on your car after sun drying. They are different process designed to do different things.Our resin vessels are made in Europe (many are not) and comprise a PE inner shell and wound fibreglass outer. These are high quality, strong units with best quality fittings and top grade resin. When fitting your RG Filter, either use the softened water or direct from the mains – it wont affect the outcome or resin life.
    These are heavy items and our low standard carriage rate is designed to keep costs down for customers of our standard size car care products. Shipping for these filters outside mainland delivery areas of England, Scotland and Wales is simply too much for us to absorb and unfortunately has to passed onto customers. Shipping to Northern Ireland for instance, for a filter alone is £15 and with extra resin, is £22 in total. Please contact us if you live outside mainland (lowland) UK – the zones where you know couriers charge more to deliver!WARRANTY
    The product is warranted free of manufacturing defects for 12 months, but the resin media is a consumable and not covered. If the vessel is dropped or falls, warranty on the cap and body is void.


Quick checklist if youre getting less 0ppm water than you think you should
Do check your water company hardness figures and run them through our calculator here (bottom of page):
a) incorrect estimate of how many times its used, or running time, or flow
b) connected wrongly IN and OUT
c) left running by accident
d) used by another person for entire car wash
e) filling Koi pond or washing windows
f) hardness incorrectly calculated
g) resin contaminated by under use – fishy smell when top unscrewed is the giveaway – run 2-3 litres of water through the unit every 2 weeks in summer whether for car washing or not and store in cool condiditons out of direct sun

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

UK Mainland, Northern Ireland

5 reviews for Refillable 0ppm Water Filter (7 litre)

  1. Certified Buyers

    Tony Blanks

    Brilliant product and great service
    I ordered a 7L water filter and it arrived the following day … it doesn’t get any better than that. I’d never used a water filter on my car before but it’s one of those things from which I’ll never go back. Apart from not needing to dry the car, the depth of gloss achieved after just one coat of sealant is amazing. The paint finish takes on an entirely new finish … it’s like someone has covered the car in a layer of glass. Brilliant product and great service from Race Glaze

    Simon Spall

    Brilliant – Amazing Product!
    Used my water filter for the first time yesterday, and wow, this product is amazing. If you don’t own one of these yet, do not hesitate, the results speak for themselves. I was slightly sceptical, I just used the filter at the rinse stage (Pressure Washer), having washed the Discovery 4 in the normal manner, AutoGlym Shampoo and unfiltered water. I left the car to dry in the normal manner, unbelievable not a mark on it. I did leather the car off afterwards, just out of habit. The paintwork looks stunning almost glass like, the car looked like I had spent 2 hours waxing and polishing. This has to be the best item I have purchased in ages, I should of had one years ago. Many, many thanks.

    David Chambers
    Upton Newark notts

    Exceeded my expectations
    It has been almost a years worth of using this amazing water filter the best money that you will spend on any cleaning product – Porsche Basalt Black shows every water mark! But no more….in fact a pleasure to wash the car now even in bright sunlight!!

    Stuart Smith

    Does exactly what it says!
    Bought a Refillable 0ppm Water Filter from you a few days ago and used it last night, results were great thanks! No drying required and no spots, so does exactly what it says! Just one little question about storage after use – do I just leave it full of water or do I empty it out? [Leave it full unless storing for several months]

    Martin Ritchie
    St Albans

    Price and delivery were excellent as usual
    If you want pure-filtered water to give your vehicle a final dry-free rinse then this is the kit to use. The Raceglaze 7 litre water filter is much cheaper per litre of water than Aquagleam units you can buy (which have leaked filter resin with the water when I used to use them before discovering Raceglaze water filters).

  2. Certified Buyers


    7L 0ppm Raceglaze water filter
    After watching a couple of YouTube videos on this filter, I decided to invest in one. Used it for the first time today and it’s everything it says it is. I washed then rinsed my car as usual, then completed a final, filtered water rinse and left my car to dry in the sun. I was a little sceptical as to what the results would be, but I needn’t have worried. Amazingly clear results on the paintwork and glass. Highly recommended!
    Graham Warner

    Actually works..
    After seeing an advert for this in EVO And after years of rushing through a wash trying not to get the dreaded white marks (and then accepting defeat and following up with polishing them out anyway), I thought I would bite the bullet and give it a go. Even though I had read all the great reviews I was still sceptical especially as we are in a very hard water area in rural Essex. I have been amazed this morning after giving the car a relaxed wash in warm air it has dried completely streak free and looks like its been hand dried. My only regret is that I didnt find this years ago. Probably the best purchases I have made for car care.

    Mark Billington

    The real deal.
    Living in a hard water area I was used to a fastidious drying process. I’s also tried some smaller hobby based filter products which were fine but didn’t last very long and were relatively expensive. Then I got a black car and drying just wasn’t good enough. I’ve had my Raceglaze filter since October 19 and have been SUPER IMPRESSED. Final rinse is all that’s required and you can let it air dry if you want although I tend to use blower / drying towel. Just thinking about a new batch of resin although no signs of mineral deposits. It is costs effective but more importantly – it works really well.

    Jay Green

    You Need This Filter
    I detail cars in all weather. When it’s hot, water spots are your worst enemy, this fixes that problem. I wish I had one a long time ago!

    Wayne Austin

    Been using these for ages
    Does exactly what it says it will do, works flawlessly have recommended people buy them I live in a really rubbish hard water area where river water is used so that leaves water spots all over the car, with the Race Glaze… nothing not a trace.

    Steve Capper

    Time saver
    I live in a very hard water area, have a large red car with black wheels, only using the filter to rinse the car at the end of my cleaning routine brought impressive results. No marks at all on the glass, shiny black wheels or indeed any where. Saved so much time as there was now no requirement to clean the glass and wheels. Car looks shinier, probably because the water had no contaminates in it. Very impressed, well worth the money

    B M YOUNG .
    Cumbria .

    Great result on a BLACK car .

    Locks heath

    Oppm filter
    Amazing product. Does great job wish I’d got one years ago

    Peter Lack

    Had for a year …
    Exceedingly hard water here. Wash a black car and leave it and it looks like someone blew icing sugar over it. This really works as a final rinse. The filter is nearly due for a change. But pretty good as I did wash the wife’s 27 times as well. I was expecting 35 washes and have got 45 crystal clear rinses and circa 10 more, that are still pretty limescale free. S class Coupe has a lot of square feet to rinse. Shame the refills are expensive … but definitely worth it. Well, its essential if you live here No idea how to do that :/
    Bob Reynolds

    Excellent Product
    I live in a hard water area and washing my Basalt Black Porsche 911, especially during the summer months, was very difficult as there were always water marks left even after careful drying. This product is amazing, I used it for the final rinse after washing and just left the car in the sun to dry. The car was gleaming and not one water mark in sight. I would highly recommend this product.

    Allan Jones
    Alderney, Channel Islands

    Too good to be true?
    When I saw reviews for this product I thought it was too good to be true but bought a filter anyway on the off chance that it would work, just can’t believe it works as well as it does, just rinse the car with filtered water and let it dry. No spots, no streaks even in bright sun, saving all that tedious chamois leathering, an excellent product


    Spot on (and off!)
    As per all of the other reviews this product works exactly as advertised. Washed the car on a warm overcast day which would usually dry up with streaks before I have a chance to get round the car and dry it off. A quick rinse with the hose through the race glaze filter and you can towel dry the car at your own leisure. I can’t speak for how long the resin will last until it needs replacing but a bit of trial and error and I’m sure you can limit how much you use. Buy it!

  3. Certified buyers

    James Griffiths

    Was sceptical but I was wrong!

    I was very sceptical when I purchased this despite the good reviews. However, I was shocked at just how well it works. Testing my tap water with the TDS showed our water was 233PPM. After running a few litres through the filter it showed 0PPM. I’ve just washed the car as I would normally (pre-wash, 2 bucket etc etc) and only used the filter for the rinse stage at the end using an open hose. I’m literally shocked by the results. Absolutely no water spots at all. Wish I’d purchased it sooner!!

    Steve Davenport

    Best results in over 30 years of washing my cars! Incredibly impressed!
    I wanted to test if the claims being made about the filter were accurate in all of the other reviews I’d read so this morning I washed my silver Golf and my wife’s gun metal Mazda CX-5 in direct sunlight and temps pushing 30 degrees. The neighbours thought I was mad. Could have ended in disaster but to say I’m blown away with the results is an understatement and I near on halved the time I would usually take and with far less effort. For info, our unfiltered water out of the tap is 300 ppm. Out of the filter directly it’s 8 ppm and with the hose attached and flushed through, the reading is 25 ppm, indicating mineral deposits within the hose. The Golf was washed first with Megs Ultimate Wash & Wax, (two bucket method), rinsed with tap water and then immediately a second time with the filter attached. Left the car to dry naturally and the results to both bodywork and glass were outstanding with no additional wipe down required. What impressed me even more was that the surfaces were hot and drying quickly as I was washing, leaving the usual unsightly marks. However the rinse process sorted that and left nothing behind. Amazing! The Mazda was subject to the same process but, being a darker car, some water marking did remain visible after natural drying, which wasn’t completely surprising considering my 25 ppm reading. However a very quick and gentle wipe down with a damp microfibre, (rinsed in filtered water) returned an unmarked, mirror finish. Both cars looked like they’d just come out of the showroom! In a nutshell, I’m blown away. This product works for me, saves a significant amount of time and effort and I wish I’d considered it years ago! Next up the ultimate challenge. My Basalt Black Porker. 🙂


    Game changer!
    Wow. Why didn’t I buy one of these sooner? I’ve had black (and dark) cars for ages and water spots have always been a real problem. Usually I’d have to rush around with the drying towels and no matter how quick and well I do the job, there is always spots and streaks due to the hardness of our water here in rural Berkshire. First time out, washed the car as usual and did a good and comprehensive final rinse with the filter inline to the jet wash. Left it to air dry for half an hour and came back to a literally 100% spotless finish. I am moved to tears! Highly recommended. A+++

    James Page
    Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    Totally agree with reviews
    Just to say how pleased I am with your 0 ppm water filter. As others have said, it makes all the difference in washing the car – the avoidance of water marks and the consequent time saving make a huge difference. I wish I had bought one sooner.

    Michael Jackson

    Thanks for sending earlier in week,very efficient!, was up and working within five minutes of receipt!…excellent for my wrapped R35.


    Raceglaze water filter
    Used it at the weekend on my black rs focus and all I can say is wow


    Why didn’t I get one sooner?
    I’ve just washed 2 black cars in hazy sunshine. Rinse with tap water, wash with Meguiars ultimate wash and rinsed the suds off with filtered water. Instead of doing the usual and drying the cars manually, I deliberately left both to drip dry with no intervention from me. And….there’s not a mark – nothing, on either of them. I’m seriously impressed. Usually I’d have to wax the cars each time they were washed to get rid of the marks. This filter will pay for itself in saved time and the polish / wax you won’t need to buy so often.


    Product test
    Purchased this on advice from a detailer, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I washed my car as usual and just rinsed it off with water through this filter. Left it to dry naturally and couldn’t find a single water mark. I’ve already recommended it to a few friends.


    Excellent but be prepared
    I love this filter and it really does work as advertised. I have been using it for over a year now. I would definitely advise anyone who gets one to also invest in a low cost TDM meter and regularly test the PPM of the produced water. Because in my experience the filter media lasts for a good while but it goes from 0ppm to 200ppm in a very short space of time indeed and the first time you will realise the media needs changing is that your car is covered in horrible water marks that are a real pain to get off. (RG Comment: users will note light spotting appearing in a few rinses before this collapse of performance)

    Barry Danylew

    Great product
    Recently purchased a 7 ltr water filter, arrived on time, great product would recommend it.


    Truly amazing
    Convinced by reading all the reviews I purchased one and it is truly amazing not one water mark left on a black car. My friend who was watching could not believe how it dried spot free and said its convinced him to buy one.



    Russell du Lieu

    Initially dubious…
    I went for this product on the strength of the reviews but was still dubious about it being able to perform as described. I washed my gleaming metallic black XKR (in the evening sun) and then rinsed it off with the 0ppm filter – and then walked away. 1hr later no water drops and no water marks, brilliant!

    Philip Sage

    Originally purchased for my 40 year old classic, the product now gets used for my partner’s car and even for my work van. The ultimate test was washing my car on a very hot June day, rinsing with the 0ppm filtered water without drying it, then driving 55 miles to London to collect the bride on her big day. Yes, I also use my classic as a wedding car. Close inspection revealed only one solitary water mark on the rear chrome bumper, where water had drained from the boot rubber. Other than that, the body, glass and chrome were sparkling and pristine. Well done Raceglaze.

    Liam Kalas
    Sydney, Australia

    An Australian review
    I’m absolutely loving my filter, now that Summer’s hit Australia it’s a godsend being able to wash in direct sunlight and heat without fear of waterspotting, plus it’s cut out the drying phase of my wash routine therein reducing the chances of marring. Thanks again for the awesome service during my order

    Garry Smith

    Most amazing gadget
    This is the single most amazing car cleaning gadget I have ever come across. My business partner has just bought one too. The reviews are true !

    London SE13

    I was fed up washing my car in the sun. My front drive gets the sun all after noon, spent as long getting rid of water marks then washing the car , so I ordered this from Raceglaze. Washed my car this Saturday in the sun (1st Aug 2015), used 2 buckets one for wash, one for clean water. I used the mains hose to prewash then washed and hosed down as I went, then in 15 seconds connected the mains hose via the Raceglaze filter did final rinse. I then washed my house windows and rinsed off … When dry ,, well.. Amazing, so clean, no water marks . Windows the same – what a time saver ! 100%

    Daniel Cahill

    Simply Fantastic!!
    So the filter was delivered today, hottest day of the year so far, thought I’d give it a whirl on my jet black focus….. I must admit, I was apprehensive! No need to of been though, honestly I have never used a product so good!! The air temp must of been around 29 – 30 degrees, the paint work was even hotter and nothing, absolutely no water marks or anything, truly the best product I’ve brought as a detailing enthusiast! Excellent product and not to bad a price. Definitely worth buying!!!

    Peter Lawley

    Phenomenal performance !
    I have to agree with your own recommendations and the other reviewers, this product is outstanding and worth every penny. Thought I would take a punt on the smaller version as we live in Severn Trent area and I’m fed up with having to combat watermarking after washing the car – often with a proprietary dilute acid product. Deliberately just washed our red Audi A3 car on the hottest day of the year so far, pre-rinsing with a foam, via pressure washer, then rinsing off, and shampooing – all with the filter connected in line. Final rinse off with filtered water, and a final detail clean of the alloys whilst it dries off. Result – perfect finish as already commented before, no watermarking, no effort required. After the Audi A3, best buy ever. Just would like to find some ‘fire extinguisher’ type clamps to fit to the garage wall, but no luck thus far.

    Pete Garratt

    Resin Filter
    I live in a hard water area. Typically, water neat from the tap reads 700ppm+ on my Total Disolved Solids meter. Use of this filter reduces that to 3-4ppm when fresh. This makes drying my vehicle really easy, especially during the warmer months. It also makes ironing easier as well. I’ve had the filter about 6 months and it still achieves about 70ppm TDS, which – judging by drying performance – I think is still pretty good.

    Steve Heidukewitsch

    Sceptic convinced
    Brilliant product no water spots no need to leather off even in bright sunshine. When you see so many good reviews you get a little suspicious but the reviews are good because the product is great!

    Ian Harman
    Petworth, West Sussex

    Better Than Expected
    Used first on my wife’s silver car and washed as usual, then rinsed off with filtered water. First batch left some crystals from filter (first use) but rinsed to leave little water that did not mark. Dried to glossy finish speeding up proceedings. Today have washed my black estate in full sun and washed, then had to go out unexpectedly so quickly rinsed with filtered water and left car in sun. Returned home to find shiny black paintwork with no water runs or marks. Later dried door shuts etc. and car was ready to go back in garage. Excellent result which will cut my time washing dramatically. My only suggestion for improvement would be some sort of carrying handle as it’s a bit heavy when full of water and the natural place to carry it is via the hose connections which may prove to be a problem.

    Jonathan Longden

    Best product ever
    The best car cleaning product I have bought in my entire life. Wish I’d bought one years ago. It has rinsed and final rinsed my 2 cars plus the odd neighbours car, every week, for 7 months.

    Simon Rudderham
    Littleport, Cambs.

    watching paint dry
    Thank you for the advise and the products you supplied me. I spent most of Sunday afternoon watching water dry from my car (like watching paint dry lol) not totally believing it was going to work. but what a good feeling I got when the water dried and left me with a high gloss,water streak free finish. I have sent you some pictures taken of my car left to dry naturally. Ps I wiped the windows though (habit)

    Detailing World

    I’ve been plagued with water spots after washing my car in the hot weather so I decided to try a water filter. Initially, I was going to buy an Aquagleam but then I saw the Raceglaze version which is refillable. I tried it for the first time today and to say I’m impressed is an understatement! I didn’t believe it could dry without any spots or streaks, but it does. Even more impressive is the finish it leaves. Compared to the filtered water, normal tap water seems to leave a film over the paint which obscures/dulls the shine. Once dry, the filtered water leaves the paint with a sort of smoothness which is difficult to describe. It feels almost like it’s just been clayed. I washed the paintwork and left it to bake in the sun (for test purposes) whilst I cleaned the wheels. I had to dry the last few drops off with a towel because I wanted to apply some Jett, but even before towel drying there were no spots or streaks to be seen. The Jett normally adds a slight amount of depth to the shine but after rinsing with the filtered water it looks totally different. It’s far more glossy and the reflections are much sharper. I was going to take some pictures but there was a cloudburst before I could finish with the Jett If anyone is thinking of getting one of these but is hesitating because of the price, find the money from somewhere and just get it! You will not be disappointed.

    Leighan Meddick

    Good – 5 stars
    This product filtered a lot of the crap out of my water but it still left minor water spotting over the car. It was an improvement but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Then I agitated the resin after speaking to Race Glaze and its now perfect – 5 out of 5 !

    Rory Burnett

    Thank you
    I used the Water Softener recently purchased from you today. It is 18-20 deg C full bright sunlight, 11:30 and I have just washed a black Mercedes SLK, rinsed it off with the water softener and walked away,by way of testing. The result is unbelievable, our water is very hard in Wiltshire, 300+ppm and there is not a single spot on the car! What a brilliant product, very many thanks

    James Weaver
    Been looking into water filters for a while and decided this was the one to try. What can I say but this thing is amazing! Washed my RS today in direct sunlight, connected to my pressure washer and no loss of water pressure whatsoever! Used it to fill my buckets and for final rinse. Left to dry in the sun and not a single water mark onit at all! Can’t recommend this product enough! I’ve just had the car detailed so want to touch the paintwork as little as possible, this product is ideal.

    Grimsby, Lincs.
    Sceptical – until I used it – amazing !
    Collected one of these from Mark on my way home from work yesterday. Have to admit I was a bit sceptical as to how good it would be but I went and bought the hose connectors this morning and then tested it on my red Audi S5. Washed the car as normal then put the filter in line with my pressure washer for the final rinse and left it to dry. Not a mark on it Amazing Moved on to the F430 and same result. Brilliant This has to be one of the best £163.99 you could spend. Everyone should have one.

    Arron Chandler
    Folkestone, Kent

    Not one single water mark
    OK, so I used my filter for the first time today….. Insect remover on the front end, 2 bucket method, filtered water in the rinse bucket, hot tap water with Auto Glymm shampoo in the other. Cleaned the car in stages – front/middle/back, rinsing very thoroughly with filtered water through a hose as I went. It was a blazing hot day here today so I just left it to dry in the sun – usually a recipe for disaster. Not one single water mark………..

  4. James Bradley

    James Bradley

    After years of washing and drying got bought this as a Birthday present. It actually works, not an expensive gimmick. Washed and rinsed as normal then did a further rinse and left to dry. The hardest thing was resisting the urge to dry as normal, but it dryed naturally without a mark. Well impressed, time will tell how long it will last before the need for a refill.

  5. Chris Freeman

    I saw your advert in my classic car magazine last week, so ordered one of the 7l water filters, which arrived yesterday.
    I’ve two black cars, my daily driver Ford Fiesta & my beloved 1985 Capri, I seem to spend all day chamois leathering & polishing to remove the water marks.
    Just used the filtering system to wash my Fiesta, & all I can say is WOW, the difference is outstanding. No drying, no polishing, no spots, not even on the glass. Can’t wait to do my Capri tomorrow. Thanks so much for a brilliant system.
    Best Wishes

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