Replacement Water Filter Resin – 7 litre


  • MB115 resin refill for our and other filters
  • Pure finest grade
  • Shipping to Northern & Repulic of Ireland – please select this option – due to weight there is a supplement of £15 over our standard shipping rate
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7 litre bag of top grade replacement resin for Race Glaze Maxi Water Filter.
Guaranteed first grade, new, A1 grade MB115 resin, not fines or mis-shapes. Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

This is sufficient to replace the resin in your 7 litre filter as originally supplied. It is also exactly the same product. For 14 litre filters you will need 2 bags. For 25 litre units, buy a full 25KG sack listed separately. For 16L units, buy the specific 16L refill.

When your filtered water starts to leave spots then simply unscrew the top of your filter and dispose of the old resin in your waste bin, rinse out the filter and empty this replacement bag of resin in.
Do not let resin fall down the tube, which you have to leave in situ in the centre of the filter – our Refilling Kits (not included and sold separately, £9.99)  include a wide mouth funnel to prevent wastage/spillage, and a handy cap for this pipe.

Tap the filter on the ground a couple of times when refilling as this will enable resin to settle down, and you can fill it right to the top (just allow enough for the internal head to seat properly). You may have a little resin left over.

If the top is tight, smear a thin film of oil (olive, sunflower) around it to make it easier next time.

Costs of the filtered water once you get to replacement stage are of course over 55% less than the batch created by the original new filter, at approx. 10p/litre.

Replacement resin does have a lifespan of around 2 years.

This is a heavy item and our low standard carraige rate is designed to keep costs down for customers of our standard size car care products. Shipping for water filters and replacement resin outside mainland England, Scotland and Wales is simply too much for us to absorb and unfortunately has to passed onto customers.
Shipping for a filter and extra resin to Northern Ireland for instance is £22 in total. For resin alone, £16 in total. Please select the Ireland option.

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UK Mainland, Ireland (inc. NI)

2 reviews for Replacement Water Filter Resin – 7 litre

  1. Greg

    Great service, thanks
    Discovered the 0 ppm water filter October 2019 on Race Glaze after buying a black Mercedes, is the best thing I’ve bought by far for my weekly car clean Resin now needs replacing , called up and ordered at 10.15 on the Wednesday , arrived at 12.45 the next day , Great service , many thanks Greg

  2. Stephen Millard

    Stephen Millard

    Resin re-fill
    Excellent product, does what it says and leaves no water spots. I do have a slight problem using the filter though. Its difficult to re-fill, opening the top and removing the old resin is OK (hard to unscrew the top fitting if you did it up too tight last time though), but getting the new resin in and then putting back the pipe and filter that go down through down to the bottom is very hard and I have not yet mastered an effective method!! [Race Glaze are about to offer a wide necked funnel and cap for the pipe] Having said that it makes washing a dark blue car in the sunshine a piece of cake

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