SiO2 Ceramic Wash (NEW 2023)


Ceramic-infused car wash Soap concentrate adds protection with every wash
Top rated by AutoExpress September 2023

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** Rated 5 Stars and Best Ceramic Wash by AutoExpress in September 2023 **
The perfect blend of premium dirt-cleansing surfactants for effortless car cleaning coupled with powerful SiO2 additives for superior gloss and beading, providing lasting protection to your paintwork.

Harness the benefits of Ceramic coatings with or without your car being Ceramic Hard Coated, without changing your car care routine with top-up detailing sprays or rinse on/off additives. Just wash as normal, dry off or rinse down with DI water. Outlasts ‘wash and wax’ type shampoos, offering clear benefits without any extra effort.
If your vehicle is already Ceramic coated, then Race Glaze SiO2 Wash will enhance appearance and increase durability. Ideally, further enhanced with our Ceramic Detailer.

Can also be directly applied neat to the surface using a wash mitt for added protection wihich lasted 7 weeks in independent September 2023 tests by AutoExpress magazine. These top rated our product as their favourite ceramic shampoo, beating the established encumbent GTechniq on durability and value for money.

Suitable for vehicles coated with Race Glaze 9H Ceramic and all brands of ceramic coating.

Supplied ready to use at a dilution ratio of 200:1 – so 25ml in a typical sized wash bucket is sufficient. 25ml concentrate makes 10 litres of wash solution.

Available in 3 retail sizes, for larger Pro sizes please contact us.

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1 Litre, 250ml, 500ml


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