Full Vehicle Detailing


  • Full professional machine polishing detail of your vehicle
  • Fully insured and experienced full time detailer
  • Trained in use of our products
  • We travel to you
  • We regulalry look after valuable sports and luxury cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and Mercedes, BMW and Aston Martin
  • Classics no problem
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How would you like us to send a Race Glaze Authorised Detailer to your home or business premises to apply all his knowledge and vast range of products to bring your car back to tip top condition

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    Would you like us to spend up to 4 hours machine polishing out almost every scratch and swirl to leave richly coloured paint, protected with 2 coats of Signature 55 wax ? And of course pay equal attention to all other exterior surfaces and also the interior, the bit you see the most ?

    The service in detail:
    •Wash exterior, engine bay, under arches and door shuts, then clean and dry the wheels including inside. Apply wheel wax.
    •Clay bar the entire car including windscreen, wipers and glass to remove paint overspray, industrial and environmental contaminants, leaving a glass smooth surface.
    •Pre-Wax Cleanse (non-abrasive) is applied to the paintwork to gently cleanse and nourish the paint with natural oils . Tar, tree sap and old waxes are completely removed.
    •Finally 2 coats of Signature 55 Carnauba Wax is then applied to the whole car to create an incredible swirl-free gloss finish and put a long lasting protective shell on the paint surface. We also coat your wheels with Wax, to protect them and ease cleaning brake dust off.
    •The interior will get a full vacuum, all vents, grilles and audio dusted out with detailers brushes and carpets will be cleaned by hand. We’ll clean and dress the dash and trim with vinyl or leather products as appropriate, then clean and recondition your leather with appropriate products.

    Once your car is in pristine fettle, your detailer will advise on relevant products you can purchase from us to keep on top of it, or reorder a top up visit 3-6 months later.

    Geographical Coverage: this service covers most of mainland England, comprising the main population centres and areas between. We do not cover Wales or Scotland but do cover Northern Ireland and Dublin area. Please confirm with us if you live in a remote area prior to booking.

    Vehicle restrictions: This service is for cars in reasonable condition for a standard correction. Vehicles in poor condition e.g. deeply scratched, dented, rusty, abused, barn finds or anything we consider unreasonable (and we are reasonable people!) and which therefore require excessive work, will be charged extra either by prior agreement or on the day.

    4x4s and limousines will require an additional charge by agreement.

    Our requirements:
    Somewhere dry and spacious if weather is poor or the booking is outside the best weather periods. Access to power and water. Hard standing preferred.

    Additional services:
    Soft Tops – cleaning and reconditioning/colouring undertaken

  • Technical note: This is an ‘enhancement’ detail, whereby we would machine polish the entire vehicle within the constraints of 1 days work and the condition of the vehicle. It is not a ‘full correction’ detail as that would take 2 days of machining alone, and acheiving a totally scratch-free finish is almost impossible. We are very happy to inspect a vehicle for such a service and quote accordingly.
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