Signature 55 Wax (200g)


  • 55% pure white carnauba by volume
  • Concours-winning performance at realistic price
  • excellent durability – easily 6+ months with a single coat
  • highly suited to layering
  • no chalk so no dust or marks on black trim
  • 30-35 treatments per tub
  • Delightful aroma of banana and pineapple
  • See customer cars wearing 55 Wax here
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Superb well loved Concours-winning paste wax which consistently wins hugely positive reviews in ‘what wax under £100’ forum questions. Simply, 55 easily provides a tremendous long lasting finish at reasonable price.

New 2019 premium glass jar with 200g content.

Very straightforward to apply, its ultra-high Carnauba content wax for all paint types and 55% pure white Carnauba by volume make this the choice of thousands of professional detailers and discerning car owners.

Just compare the deep, glossy shine, which has incredible durability of up to and beyond 6 months, with big name brand products like Swissvax Best of Show at £195 per tub. Simply, we give you at least as good a product for less than half the money – thats not just us saying it, its what our customers tell us.

Each clear tub will cover 40-45 standard size cars (so around £2 per application) and is designed for layering. Application is simple, by hand or foam pad (supplied). No chalk, dust, white marks or build up either, easy on and off and even smells great.

Race Glaze 55 is the choice of Concours Champions – multiple Class and Champions Class Winners at Ferrari Owners Club 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Porsche Club Great Britain ‘Best Aircooled’ Winner 2009, overall winner 2010, Cherished Class winner 2011 on 914, Bentley Drivers Club ‘Best in Show’ 2009. AMOC and AC Owners Club Winners 2010, Classic Cars magazines Best Car in Show winner at the NEC Classic Car Show 2010.

Since the product launch in 2008 we’ve been unable to keep up with where trophies are being regularly won, but this list shows the pedigree of our best selling wax.

See our gallery of customer car images wearing 55 here:

Simply, you cannot buy a better wax at this price, anywhere.

Note for Paint Protection Film vehicles – in some instances on light cars where shinkage or damage to the film has occured, some slight staining may occur. Please contact us prior to order if you have such a car.

6 reviews for Signature 55 Wax (200g)

  1. Mark Wibberley

    Greg Miller
    W Redding, USA

    Deep brilliant shine
    A pleasure to meet Roger at the BMWCCA Car Show. I had carefully washed, prepped and waxed my Z3M Coupe prior to the show using a competitors less expensive but quality caranuba wax. I was somewhat dubious about the claims of these fancier waxes, but having now tried it there is no comparison. The shine is simply stunning. Wonderful product and it takes such a tiny amount that it costs almost nothing to wax the car even with the container costing a few dollars more. Wish I had found this years ago. Great product. Also, as it only take a tiny amount, it is really easy to apply and remove.

    Trevor mattless
    Market deeping

    The very best
    I first saw Raceglaze 55 wax advertised in a car magazine. (It was on test with them) I was very reluctant to try it, as I was an Autoglym man. But I did and have never looked back. I’ve been using raceglaze 55 for a very long time now. I wax my two cars every three months, and a tub lasts a very long time. So its not as expensive as you would think. I like the wet look/glossy shine you get, that look also lasts till the next time I wax them. I did not know it at the time but Mark Wibberley lives very close to where I live. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and would totally trust him. He knows what he is talking about, and that’s what you need. Thanks Mark for all the tips you have given me over the years. So if you are a perfectionist the Raceglaze 55 wax is the one for you. In my view the look you get is absolutely stunning. Trevor Mattless. Market Deeping.

    Ian Richardson
    Osbournby, Lincs

    Five star
    Brilliant finish, and easy to use in almost any conditions. Much longer lasting than other waxes, and a little goes a long way. One tub of this would last several years on 3 cars.

    Ultra Detail
    kent uk

    Recently tried this wax just to see what all the fuss was about. I’m not new to high end waxes and did not need to buy another pot of wax, however the reviews this product gets are well earned so I do not need to add any more to what has already been stated.


    Good wax
    Great finish and long lasting

    T pridham
    Didcot oxon

    Fantastic wax
    I have used this wax for 10 years it’s simply the best,easy to put on and lasts at least 6 months .Many people have commented on the shine and condition of my car and motor bike,I would not use anything else,regards Trevor.

  2. Mark Wibberley

    James R

    Raceglaze ’55’ – 9.5/10
    An amazing wax, nice fragrance, easy to apply by bare hand, reasonably easy to buff to a beautiful warm glossy finish. Two coats is king. Pot is poor quality and lid difficult to remove after time [New pots from 2018]. Water behaviour is good, dirt repellence is great, particularly after a downpour, when the car has seemingly been washed!! Durability is good. Consistency of wax can feel a bit gritty. If you have the time to wax and buff panel by panel, as opposed to the faster, sealant route, then this is one hell of a wax.

  3. Mark Wibberley

    Marc Marholin

    Looks like a million bucks!!
    Mark, I used my 55 yesterday. I LOVE it!!!!! It goes on easy, wipes off easy and looks like a million bucks!! You defiantly have a new customer. Also thanks for answering all my questions and advising me on what to use.

  4. Mark Wibberley


    Better than Supernatural
    Raceglaze #55 was my last wax. Thought it was really good. Changed to dodo juice supernatural which is good, but just not as good as 55.

    21/08/2013 16:09
    Web via DW

    Raceglaze#55 is an awesome wax, very easy to apply/remove, very durable. I like the Oily texture, smells good, and leaves an incredible glossy shine, this has been in my stable for well over 3+ yrs now


    good glossy wet look wax.
    I’ve been using 55 for a while now and other than it being an oily wax, which was a bit off putting to begin with, I don’t have a bad word to say about it. Made my performance blue Fiesta look incredible and flake pop was pretty impressive. I’ve got a metallic red Mazda 3 MPS now and it looks just as good. A good glossy wet look wax. I’ve found I’m getting around 6 months out of an application with careful weekly wash. Which isn’t bad in a Scottish climate!

    Peter of Norfolk
    West Norfolk

    Amazing Value
    I have tried many waxes for my 12 year old, mint condition, Saab Cabriolet and have not yet found one that can rival the superb signature 55 for the money or look it achieves.

  5. Mark Wibberley

    Pampos Estafionu

    The best carnauba wax i ever tried. It gives a deep wet look on the car, great reflections, and the most important is that makes the flakes to pop up like crazy… It is a kind of magic 🙂 I detailed my car but i have a poor flakes show up with any other wax or sealant i tried.. This one is AMAZING!!!! Only one coat was more than enough to make the flakes to show up !!!

  6. Mark Wibberley

    Pink residential

    Race glaze amazing
    I bought a 15ml tester of this polish and wow, my black Nissan juke looked amazing. I am now going to order a larger tub as I cannot believe how great the car has come out, it’s like a mirror finish. I am a perfectionist and always want my car to look the best and all I can say is, ‘get some’.

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