9H PRO Ceramic Wheel Coat (65ml)


9H Ceramic Wheel Coating

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Until now, a product only available to our Authorised Detailers.

This is our coating specifically formulated for protecting against friction, heat, and solvents. Incorporating the industry’s most durable ceramic technology, it offers years of protection against road salt and brake dust.

Withstands heat over 500 degrees C, thereby offering a high degree of resilience in punishing race, competition and track day environments, and provides an extreme gloss finish against UV and fading. Highly hydrophobic and 9H hardness.

Application requires a controlled environment and takes 24 hours to dry and undergo its initial cure. Tack Dry after 40 minutes

Initial cure of 24 hours

100% Cured in 96 hours (4 days )

Clean up with acetone or similar after use.


Application Procedure

Clean surfaces to be treated, remove all residues and dust. If prepping with a solvents avoid moisture-containing solvents.

Gently shake container for 30 seconds, then apply with a ceramic applicator pad. Can also be applied with a HVLP detail spray gun with .8mm tip or siphon fed detail spray gun with fine to medium tip.

Apply a target wet film thickness of at least 0.5 mil but no more then 0.7mil.

Do not touch freshly applied coating for 40 minutes

Tools and equipment should be cleaned with acetone or similar after use.

Ready for transporting wheels or wheel reinstalling after initial cure of 24 hours


Appearance:  Clear

Finish:  Gloss

Chemical resistance:  Excellent

Coverage: 3.3 sq meters per 100ml

Dry time:  40 minutes

Shelf life:  1-2 years from shipment date when unopened and stored dry at 18°C (64°F) to 23°C (73°F) Pencil Hardness:  9H

Temperature resistance:  > 538°C (1000°F)

Salt Spray (ASTM B117) @ 35°C (95°F), 5% salt concentration:  400 hrs




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