40mm Premium Bristle Detailing Brush


40mm Premium Natural Bristle Auto Detailing Brush


After a long search we have tracked down these superb quality natural bristle detailing brushes, for interior or exterior use, which will delight users every time.

With a tactile natural wood handle and long bristle length of 70mm, our premiumm brush has a large 40mm diameter. Handle length is 115mm, so the total length with durable plastic ferrule is 20cm. The ferrule is the balancing point so its easy to manage.

Natural bristles are chemical resistant but to maintain softness rinse out thoroughly after use, shake and air dry.

Perfect for:
Interior: dusting around knobs, trim, ICE, air vents, seats
Exterior: cleaning decals and logos with snow foam or TFR, spokes, around recessed lights, door handles and much more

Supplied as seen without a fancy box, which helps to keep price down.


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