Supersize Swiss-Style Detailing Brush


Large natural bristle detailing brush

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New super large size 24 detailing brush to enable you to get on with loads of detailing jobs in total safety and at greater speed.

Simply a much bigger version of our very popular Wheelface Brush, which is size 16 – this is size 24, so 4.5cm diameter against 3cm. Thats about double the active bristle area.

It features the same durable plastic collar and is chemical safe, so fine on wheels and for engine bays. Made from natural Boars Hair bristle.

Handle length 18cm, bristle length 5cm (the size 16 is 15cm/4cm for comparison).

1 review for Supersize Swiss-Style Detailing Brush

  1. Mark – Australia


    The Best Supersize Detailing Brush I have Used

    What a brush! love the size! like that it has a plastic handle. Overall just a Ferrari built brush you won’t be disappointed if you bought this brush! I live in Australia & the transaction was flawless A1! I will be buying more of these brushes soon! A Great Company to deal with! Thanks Mark

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