Alcantara Cleaner


Popular cleaner for all Alcantara covered surfaces in cars and at home
Simple to use – spray a fine mist, leave to soak for a minute or so and squeeze gently and then rub gently with a soft cloth
Changing the cloth regularly is essential to prevent reapplication of dirt
Highly effective and economical

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A highly effective and well regarded spray on cleaner, without VOCs, for cleaning Alcantara trim on car seats, doors, steering wheels, gear knobs and headlinings. Also very effective on clothing, footwear and household furniture.

It will remove accumulated grease, dirt, discolouration and general soiling without damaging the fabric. Saves resorting to the traditional risky method of shaving your seats. It will bring up a clean, original looking finish, transforming dirty fabric.

It is water based and includes surfactants, and no harsh chemicals.

Race Glaze Alcantara Cleaner also contains an active ingredient which wipes out up to 99.9% all microbial bacteria & prevents the growth of MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, Legionella and Aspergillus Niger (mould). This is particularly welcome when acquiring a used car.

Good YouTube guide to Deep Cleaning Alcantara car Seats by Patrick Bradley here:

250ml or 500ml fine spray bottle.

It is advisable to mask off surrounding painted plastic surfaces to ensure colour fastness.

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250ml, 500ml

3 reviews for Alcantara Cleaner

  1. Certified buyer

    Great stuff
    Actually thought my steering wheel was past saving as it had matted and lost its vibrance. Here is what i did 1) Used a detailing brush to get rid of all lose debris, you will be surprised whats on a steering wheel 2) directions say to spray on but I found this got all over the steering wheel trim etc so I had more to clean. So I just poured a small amount on a cloth and went at it, sectioning it up. 3) Once clean use another micro fibre to dry, get the list bit of dirt and fluff up the fibres 4) leave to air dry You don’t use a lot either, I suspect the bottle would clean my wheel 20 times over.

    Graeme McCall (The Shine Meister)

    Top hole !
    The alcantara cleaner is top hole . I use it on a clients Project Kahn RR Sport with orange alcantara trim . Its really gentle but v effective .

    P Hancock
    Long Bennington, Lincs.

    Thank you
    Thanks for the Alcantara cleaner; couldn’t believe how well it works; fantastic results .

    DW User Avnt

    My first RG product
    Never heard of Race Glaze until I bought this product. Couple of squirts on the dirty alcantara left for a few mins wiped and as good as new. Back to grey and hardly used any product

  2. Ben – Reading


    Very impressed
    I bought some of this and was very impressed with how easy it was to use and how effective it was. I used it as advised on the website. I sprayed the surface lightly, agitated it with a soft-ish brush to lather it up a little. I then left it for about a minute and then wiped the area with a damp microfibre. My seats came up a treat.

  3. Mark Wibberley


    These two products were new to me until recently having been recommended to me by a couple of readers.

    One picked up on my comments about the filthy Alcantara steering wheel in the Caterham Seven 420R in the last issue and reckoned this product was a surefire way of bringing it back to health.

    While he also praised the Nano Fabric Protector, too and he wondered whether it would help keep Alcantara-type products from getting dirty in the first place. Good shout.

    My VW Golf came with seats with Alcantara centre panels and although nice and comfy I know that these suede-style fabrics can go shiny if not looked after.

    If you soak them too much the pile flattens and you lose the suede effect. I had the chance to try the cleaner out recently when a bag of garden waste I took to the tip decided to leak over one of the rear seats. My fault I should have folded the seats down, but it looked OK until I found bag juice all over my hitherto spotless seat. D’oh!

    I sprayed the fresh-smelling clear Race Glaze Alcantara Cleaner (£11.99) onto the fabric and worked it in gently. It got rid of the dirt and left the seat as good as new after a quick workout with a soft brush. According to the label, Alcantara can harbour germs and bacteria due to the long pile so this stuff gets rid of them too.

    Meanwhile, the Nano Fabric Protector (£9.99) is particularly good for Alcantara, giving it a waterproof effect while not letting dirt stick to it. I venture that it would also be good for keeping an Alcantara steering wheel protected too, although you can use it on all soft fabrics.
    Steve Hole – Editor (and founder)
    Total KitCar Magazine, and Classic Kitcars & Specials
    September 2022

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