Colour Enhance (250ml)


  • New silicone-free formulation is opaque and easier to use
  • Exportable by Air
  • Amazing ability to bring colour back to sun-faded plastics of any colour
  • Highly economical
  • Very long lasting – forget weeks, this means many months!
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Quite simply the best product we have ever seen for restoration and preservation of colour on exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. Why suffer streaky finishes or products that either wash off after a couple of weeks or fly off when you drive away ? Most other products are silicone based so sit on the surface, this is petroleum based so is absorbed, producing lasting results. This crucial difference in formulation makes all the difference in use.

A bottle will last several years as you need so little and it lasts so long, up to a year before reapplication is necessary. No-one need ever drive round with faded black plastic bumpers or external trim like spoilers, window trims, underbody or in-engine bay plastics again, we feel a burning desire to show every such car owner we see what a huge difference this amazing product will make.

For all plastics, interior & exterior – rubbing strips, spoilers, tyres, bumpers, engine parts, interiors. Exfoliates and restores weathered grey plastic unlike silicone-based products due to being lightly petroleum based, so:

  • lasts up to 5 times longer than water based dressings, around 12 months,
  • won’t spray off tyres when you drive away.

For blacks and coloured plastics, inside and out.

Strongly recommended as a tyre dressing to leave a matt finish, or buff lightly to leave more satin. This product was changed from its previous green colour in 2010 but is otherwise identical.

Race Glaze Colour Enhance is silicone-free so is bodyshop safe and is hydrophobic (makes water bead off the surface it is applied to).

Successfully proven on: bumpers on Saabs, headlight rim on Land Rover Defender, wheel trim on Freelander and hundreds more over the last 20+ years. Amazing on faded plastic external doors too !

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    Just what I wanted
    Got these silly plastic weatherstrips either side of the windscreen on the Audi. Forever covered in watermarks that never seem to come off. Anyway it had something on it already (not sure what), which was patchy and had a semi sheen to it. You basically could tell something was on the trim. I scrubbed it all off with some APC, needed 2 hits. I then put the tinniest of drops on a makeup sponge and then covered the whole trim and just left it overnight. Came back next day and it was a nice dark grey and it was totally matte and completely even. You basically could not tell that there was a product on the trim. Just what I wanted.

    Francis Lohan

    Does the job
    Really makes tired trim look great again

    Simon Whitehouse

    10 year old bottle still brilliant
    Just wanted to say that I found an old bottle of Race Glaze Colour Enhance – Plastic & Tyre Protectant at the bottom of my car detailing box of tricks recently. I had forgotten all about it having moved on to Zymol products a number of years ago when I bought my first Porsche (911 3.2. Carrera). I had forgotten how good this product is. I have been really struggling to get my dash and door cards to look good with the Zymol products I normally use. Race Glaze did a brilliant job. And the bottle must be at least 10 years old?!

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