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Near-miraculous, strong and effective paste polish for metal. Designed to remove scratches from alloy and stainless steel, AluTech is proven to work wonders on brass, nickel, Titanium and other metals too.

It will remove stains caused by heat and scratches with firm pressure, finished off with lighter pressure using a softer cloth for final buffing.

Excellent results are usually gained by hand application but for larger items a polishing machine or small polishing head on a Dremel for instance will assist, especially inside exhaust pipes.

Restore a brilliant finish on exhausts, bumpers, trim, engines, interior trim and switches, door handles, internal or external metalwork on boats, trucks, motorcycle engines, handlebars, exhausts, domestic items such as radiators, door handles, free-standing mirrors. Its uses are virtually limitless and its been proven worldwide for over 25 years.

Its ammonia base includes jewellers rouge and diminishing abrasive particles which buff up to a finer finish the more they are worked onto the surface. Alutech also leaves a clear, protective coat on your freshly polished item.

For fine finished chrome on bumpers or large lights on classics, we recommend our Glass and Chrome Polish.

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  1. Certified Buyers

    David Spence

    Polish received today I have tried many different polishes over the years, AluTech is nothing short of amazing Used on a polished item it really enhances the finish to an almost chrome effect Excellent product, great service

    Polished Bliss

    Restores a brilliant shine on all bare metal surfaces.
    We use Raceglaze Alutech Metal Polish quite often in our studio, as it’s ideal for restoring a brilliant level of shine on neglected exhaust tips and engine bay components. Comprising an ammonia-based paste packed full of diminishing micro-abrasives and jewellers rouge, it easily removes minor oxidation, compounding hazes and light stains, and restores a brilliant shine on all bare metal surfaces.

  2. Certified Buyers

    David heaney

    amazed !!!
    Used firstly as a ‘let’s see how good this stuff is’ on my footrest hangars on my bike rebuilding project and could see the difference straight away. Then set to work on my exhaust down pipes .. used the metal deoxidiser first, then this stuff .. unbelievable !! And to think at one point during the build I was thinking of junking the pipes and buying new – glad I didn’t. Not the cheapest but definitely the best


    Detailing World Review, 2011
    Cutting & Cleaning Power: What can I say, other than impressive! And that’s coming from myself who HATES cleaning exhausts!
    Ease Of Use: My god was this easy, and pretty much effortless! Very impressed! I’ve tried everything. I said I would like a product that cleans stubborn exhausts, with minimal effort, and this does just that!
    Finish: See the results above! Very impressed.
    Value: 60g may seem a lot, but TBH, you don’t need much, and also, at £6.99 it’s cracking value! Much better than any other metal polish I’ve tried (the paste ones don’t have enough cut/cleaning power, the liquid ones waste a lot of product with the MF)
    Conclusion: Well, I think my words above state it all. This is definately a product I will use again and again, and hopefully will turn my hatred of doing exhausts, into something that I don’t mind. This is my product of the year. 9 Stars Awarded

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