No H2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detailer


  • Waterless car wash and detailing clean-up spray
  • Ideal for show cars, chauffeurs, flat dwellers
  • Adds protection
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No H2O delivers a cleansing alternative to water and shampoo when you don’t have access to water, at home or away.

Its’ highly concentrated formulation comprises cleaning agents, surfactants and lubricants which take away all kinds of dirt, road film and contaminants, and which additionally provide scratch protection for your paintwork.

Repeated use after every car wash will add a layer of Carnauba wax which improves shine, protects surfaces and gives noticeable water beading for up to a month.

Quick and Convenient. Most cars can be cleaned in less than half an hour.

Supplied with a spray head (not illustrated).

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250ml, 500ml


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