Crem Perfection Carnauba Wax


  • Natural Carnauba wax polish – no watery/chalky marks, dust or marks on black trim.
  • Fills in swirls & scratches in a gentle liquid cleaning formula and gives a proven Concours-winning deep shine.
  • Easy to use – wipe on, buff off, even leave for an hour in direct sunlight and buff off easily.
  • Best Race Glaze selling product, lasts for 2-3 months, even outside.
  • 500ml bottle sufficient to coat c.16 average sized cars.
  • Ideal for Acrylic, Cellulose, Synthetic, Two pack, Lacquered, Metallic and Glassfibre gel coat paints, newer water-based soft paints and dark colours.
  • ‘The best polish I’ve used in 50 years’ says one customer.
  • A class-leading product from a niche provider of proven car care products.
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Since 1994 Crem Perfections’ chalk-free, no fuss, long lasting shine has been enjoyed by thousands of hard to please car enthusiasts. With NO vices – no dust, no white marks, no abrasives, no residue, easy to apply in direct sunlight and buff off, its about the easiest product you can wax your car with.

And it lasts – around 2 months on regularly used cars kept outside, providing long lasting protection against the elements and wildlife.

It has excellent restorative properties on dull and oxidised paint so is a superb ‘all in one’ product to save you time and effort. We have lost count of the number of customers who made comments like ‘I have been polishing cars for 50 years and this is the best product I have ever used’.

Note: we added the term ‘polish’ to the product label as for years customers asked for ‘the polish’ – Crem Perfection is non-abrasive so isn’t a true ‘polish’, its a cream wax LSP in modern detailing speak.

Forget chalky abrasive products, even if you’ve used them for years – Crem Perfection is brilliant – we guarantee it!

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250ml, 500ml

1 review for Crem Perfection Carnauba Wax

  1. Certified buyers

    Ron Champion

    Crem Perfection is superb on both my 1932 Austin Ten (original paint) and 1947 Jaguar Mk V. After 20+ years on Mer, I’m totally converted by the deep shine and ease of use – this is superb stuff. I recommend it. Ron Champion – Designer of the Locost sports car, Lecturer in Automotive Engineering; author of several titles for Haynes Publishing including the best seller ‘Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as Two Hundred Pounds’

    Ian Viles

    Crem Perfection
    What I like is the really good shine that is not hard work, no white marks on rubber or trim, and it even smells nice too. Triumph TR6, 2006 TSSC Sports Car Class Winner


    A real winner
    What a fantastic polish, I am fanatical about the appearance of my metallic black X-Type Jaguar 3.0 Sport and would honestly use nothing else now. Raceglaze Crem Perfection gives not only a deep lustre to the paintwork but protection so good that insects and moths simply wipe off! Add this to the benefit of no unsightly white residue, what a winner, thanks very much. Jaguar X-Type, metallic Black

    Robert Sheridan
    Hemsworth, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

    Race Glaze Crem Perfection Carnauba Wax
    A really easy to use product that applies and buffs well without any greasy residue. Makes metallic flake pop in even silver paint and gives deep, glossy reflections in darker colours and black. Good to use when an improvement in appearance is needed.

    Stuart Kennedy –

    Race Glaze Crem Perfection Carnauba Wax
    Amazing product Used after a full paint correction detail, as the last stage and it give serious protection and lasts for a few months, even in harsh winter months! Definiately one to keep!

    David Rippon

    Great product – I’ve been buying this since 2011, great product !

    Robin Vick

    Too Good to use on a Car!!
    Purchased this polish for my car but ended up using it exclusively on my bass guitars. The polish gives a high sheen to the gloss finish on the body of the bass and gives an excellent finish to rosewood fretboards and the frets. I did actually use it on my VW Passat estate also with excellent results. Would recommend this product and will definitely purchase this product again.

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