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Car Snow Tyre Socks size54 (pair)


  • TUV Approved, made in Europe
  • No vibrations when driving
  • No damage to tyres – no metal parts
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Storage bag and gloves provided
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Remember last winter – cars stuck, endless delays getting home and complete inability to get anywhere without sliding around on snow and ice and risking an accident ? These sold out very soon last year, so buy a pair of snow tyre socks now and keep in your car boot – be prepared.

These European-made all fabric snow tyre socks will give you instant grip on fresh and compacted snow, enabling 2 wheel drive cars to drive off effortlessly and travel at up to 50km/h (30mph) safely on snow. Works as well on a sports car as a family motor. Fitting is so easy -just fit the elasticated cover round most of your tyre, drive forward or backwards a few inches and complete the job. Remove when on a clear road for multiple use. For 4-wheel drive cars not fitted with off road tyres you will need 2 sets.

Supplied as a pair in different sizes. Please take care to select the correct tyre size before you order. The size chart is colour coded to match the colour of the product to add to your basket.

Note: they are fitted to the driven wheels only