Whitewall Tyre Cleaner


  • The dual action formula first cleans the dirt and road film from the tyre, then goes on to penetrate the pores of the white rubber, releasing the inground grime.
  • The advanced formula cleans evenly, removing stains and kerb gouge debris, leaving a beautiful bright white satin finish.
  • Just spray, agitate and rinse.
  • Suitable for thoroughly cleaning black wall tyres too, removing brown staining.
  • Fitted with an economical mist spray.
  • Superb on American, classic British, custom and other cars, scooters and motorcycles with whitewall tyres.
  • Proven on wedding cars, hotrods, Harley-Davidsons, pre-and post War classics
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Our world famous highly concentrated formula created specifically for Whitewall and White Letter tyres on cars, scooters and motorcycles.

It has been proven in the Concours d’Elegance of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and many others. It’s simple application method – spray onto wet tyre, foam up with a brush and rinse off the resulting brown foam, makes it very popular. One Rolls Royce Concours Class winner, Philip Sage, said it reduced his wheel cleaning time by a factor of 6. It also works very well in removing brown staining on black tyres, restoring a deeper black hue, before application of tyre dressing. It is safe on alloy and wire wheels.

For incredible ease of use, minimal effort and sparkling results, getting your whitewalls back to white has never been easier. This product is shipped internationally and enjoys a strong following amongst scooter enthusiasts, Harley Davidson Owners Groups and classic car owners.

Race Glaze Whitewall Tyre Cleanse is also becoming a firm favourite in the scooter community – its the perfect cleaner for whitewall tyres on Vespas, Lambrettas, and also classic motorcycles such as Harley Davidsons etc.

Its also highly effective on vinyl roofs and white footwear such as Doc Martens or Converse canvas boots.

The optional Brush is a size 16 all bristle no metal natural brush for agitating the product on the tyres, and also any other wheel cleaning product too. Highly effective and durable. Rinse throughly after use.

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Whitewall Brush

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1 review for Whitewall Tyre Cleaner

  1. Certified buyer

    West Sussex

    IT WORKS!!

    Received in the post today and couldn’t wait to try it out. Literally left on for a minute as instructed and used a scourer sponge to wash. IT WORKS! I must admit I was sceptical as my white wall tyres on my Vespa PX were borderline Brown as I commute on it daily in all weathers. They are looking practically brand new I can’t believe it. So made up with this product. Will use time and again. Can not recommend enough. Don’t waste your money buying anything else. This is the one and only product for your white wall tyres. My scooter looks absolutely dapper again!!

    Paul Ross

    Very impressed
    I was a bit worried that you were promising a lot from your product and the actual product wouldn’t be as good as you were claiming, however, after what can only be described as a very quick delivery, I have now had a chance to try the product out …….. I can honestly say that it was the quickest and easiest cleaner I have ever used ……. very impressed……. will certainly be buying again !!! Many thanks for your recommendation !


    Race Glaze Whitewall tyre Cleaner
    This product is like a breath of fresh air, and both time and cost effective, and so easy to use, and a must for anyone contemplating purchasing it, as Race Glaze, give you a quality of service second to none, outstanding, and very quick in distributing their goods to the customer, Totally recommend Race Glaze and their products!!!!

    Cliff Brewer
    southend on sea

    Does as it says on the bottle
    To be honest was sceptical at first as I have used other so called whitewall cleaners but thought Id give it a try. After using it I was quiet pleased with the results after the initial clean as per instructed. I put the tyres to one side, then went out to them about 15 minutes later and found they had become even more whiter than after the initial clean. I thought Id try the product again on em just to see what happened and after a good few minutes the tyres looked like new. These tyres havent been cleaned in 5 years of use on my Vespa and the back one even had stains on it from an oil leak. This stuff really works just about to order another bottle as I found its also good for cleaning my record collection so Ive now run out of it.

    Paul Dawkins

    The quickest and best whitewall cleaner I have ever come across
    Being disabled, the task of cleaning the white walls on my ‘54 Ford falls to my teenage son who is blissfully unaware of elbow grease. We have tried all manner of products, all of which result in arguments, elevated blood pressure and shouts of “well , scrub harder then!!!”We tried your whitewall cleaner today. 4 tyres, gleaming brilliant white in the noonday sun in less than 5 minutes, with my son exclaiming, & “was this stuff sent by God?” Our collective sanity thanks you with all its heart!

    Robert Mcsten
    Moreton wirral
    Can product be used while tyre is still on bike?
    Can your product be used while tyre is still on motorbike – is it safe on the chrome area of wheel? Kind regards Bob McStein Yes Bob, perfectly safe on chrome and tyre whilst still on bike.

    Jim Whitehead

    Magic potion..
    I have a 1971 VW Camper with whitewalls, when I bought the bus the white walls were beige walls..after one application of the Race glazer spray they were restored to white with minimal effort, simply the best product I have used by far..

    Martin; Stergaard

    raceglaze Whitewall cleaner

    Amazing Product for cleaning whitewall tires

    race glaze whitewall tyre cleaner
    good product 4stars

    Steve Parsons

    Very pleased with this product
    On a recent ride out on my restored 1966 Honda Dream I arrived home to be disappointed with the condition my whitewall tyres were in. As you can see I take good care of this classic and the tyres were starting to let it down. That prompted me to search for a cleaner and the feedback on your product was encouraging so it prompted me to order some. All I can say is thank you for a first class product that does what it, and other people say it does and that is to restore whitewall tyres back to white.

    Jonathan Goswell
    Bognor Regis

    Absolutely fantastic product – tyres look like new, with no effort or abrasion to the side walls

    Nicholas Taylor
    Cheltenham Gloucestershire

    White wall cleaner
    Ordered my white wall cleaner on Friday morning and arrived Saturday morning used it Saturday afternoon all I can say it does what is says on the tin (plastic bottle) works fantastic money well spent

    Andrew Smith

    Sparkling white walls!
    I bought this after a recommend from the scooter dealer near me. Let me say I was not disappointed! For those with two stroke engines you will know the rear wheel in particular picks up a good degree of grime from the exhaust so was worth a try. Used on Schwalbe and now Continental scooter white walls, the outcome was exactly the same………….clean white wheels with minimal effort. Definitely a 5 star recommend from me.

    Andrew Russell
    Ayr Scotland

    Just simply wonderful, I still can’t believe how easily the dirt disappears.
    Minimal mist spray on. Scrub with an old dish washing brush. See the black instantly come out. The odd stubborn mark may need another treatment after you rinsed off the first treatment only because you missed it. Once you have the whitewall clean it takes even less effort to keep them like new. I tell all my Harley motorcycle HOG mates about it including vintage car owners. I would say a litre bottle would last a whole year if not more. If you have whitewall tyres then this product is what you need, I’m glad it was recommended to me.

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