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AluBright Metal Deoxidiser

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A powerful concentrated deoxidising degreaser and rust/oxidisation removal restoration product ideal for cleaning and restoring metal parts on cars and motorbikes. A long favourite of Race Glaze customers as word has spread via users, forums and car club meetings.

AluBright dissolves corrosion and removes white oxidation from steel, alloy, aluminium and most cast metals within minutes. It leaves a bright, as new finish on dull grey engine blocks which you can seal in with JetLaq. So if you’re rebuilding an engine, gearbox or transmission, or just taking one out, it really lifts the finish. Little white spots disappear without any polishing required at all.

Far more effective than most similar products, ideal for cleaning engine parts such as engine blocks, gearbox housings, turbochargers, pipework, cooling fins on motorcycle engines – anywhere you need to get back to the original bright metal finish. Cleans up rust on metal parts – brake discs, body or subframe panels, exhausts, components, literally anything. Excellent at reviving oxidised trailers such as the Ifor Williams example in the gallery.

Ideal for Concours preparation of engine bays where a quick spray and brush will remove white degradation easily.

To soak larger items you will need our larger 2.5 Litre size though test the product on a small area and do not immerse for more than a few minutes.

Other uses:
a) brightens yellowed exhausts – stainless or titanium (spray, agitate, wipe off) – proven and tested on various Ferraris for instance (348, 360) – a really quick fix – every specialist should have some, as saves so much time polishing. Remoives black soot (carbon) deposits without any wire wool or polishing.

b) removes limescale from bathrooms – taps, sinks, shower screens – paint or spray on, agitate for 1 min, rinse off – far more effective than Jif as it dissolves limescale rather than trying to polish it off. Quite a revelation ! Drain out toilet bowls to remove underwater limescale.

c) a quick spray on and just inside the tips of exhausts removes carbon very quickly indeed. No fiddling with cloths and metal polish.

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1 Litre, 2.5L, 500ml, 5L

1 review for AluBright Deoxidiser

  1. Certified buyer


    Wow what an amazing product!
    Found this product by chance, And I can vouch for it! It works so well. I was cleaning motocross bike frame and engine cases. Works so well I as using a old toothbrush to get between spaces. Although it warns to keep clear of plastics/ paint / rubber etc it doesn’t do anything to them at all. I ended up using it very liberally and as long as you dont leave it on too long and power wash it off then it works brilliant.


    Amazing Product!
    I have experience in cleaning aluminium parts and never before have I come across a product that is so effective and efficient as Alubright! Within minutes you can see the difference! I will always use this product for cleaning aluminium forever-more! Fabulous!

    Stuart Davis
    South Yorkshire

    15 minutes it was gleaming like new!
    Ordered the deoxidiser to clean alloy sump and exhaust on BMW S1000r, heavily tarnished, tobacco colour. Sprayed it on and agitated with a toothbrush and within 15 minutes it was gleaming like new! Fantastic result, it did just as it says on the tin Rinsed it, Dried it off and sealed it with the glaze. Looks great now. I have tried everything to get to this result, nothing else worked Quick professional service, great products, will use again for sure

    Patricia Kirkland

    Very happy, fantastic service and amazing product, well pleased

    Mark Smith

    Simply Briliant
    I had a brand new stainless steel exhaust fitted to my Porsche Boxster 987, the exhaust made the rest of the underside look really dirty.. after using 5 boxes of Brillo pads I stumbled upon this product and thought I’d give it a go.. wow it works brilliantly, the gearbox looks like it’s just been fitted from the factory.. You must ensure that you either coat with a engine lacquer or paint mild steel items once you have cleaned them..

    Geoff Collett
    Andover, Hampshire

    Excellent product
    Found this after looking through some engine detailing sites/forums. Having now retired my 10 year Subaru Impreza, I wanted to clean it up. The engine bay had only had a few jet washes in 10 years and 107500 miles. The aluminum heads, block and pipe work, alternator etc all had a lot of white oxidization. Cleaned whole engine with Gunk form degreaser, dried, then sprayed this on aluminum parts and brushed it with a cheap stiff tooth brush. Left for 5 mins to foam. Wash with water, dried then repeated a second time. I can truly say the all the parts look like they have just been put together at the factory. The whole engine bay looks great and now nice a clean to work on as I transform the car in to a trackday car.

    chris martin
    uk Lancashire

    fantastic product
    I’ve been restoring a Cavalier GSI that has been stood for 5 years. All surfaces have been ruined and corroded but this product has restored them in less than 30 minutes. A very light wire brushing with a soft copper wire brush then washed off, leaving a fantastic original finish

    Duncan Ashton

    Like new. Wow, it really works my engine is like new.

    William Ervig
    Lydney, Gloucs.

    Brilliant. I could not believe how good this product was until I saw the results for myself. Brilliant!!

    Bartosz Tatar

    Alu bright deoxidizer
    Quick delivery, all great. Second time shopping here and will return. Bart

    Richard Hamilton

    Very good
    It fizzes up nicely and quickly dissolves the stubborn oxide efflorescence that has survived the Sulphamic Acid and ultrasound. Very good.

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